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"Pauline déteste les concombres et les carottes."

Translation:Pauline hates cucumbers and carrots.

April 1, 2020



I think it is more usual to hate cucumber in the singular rather than the plural


No matter how many, I hate them too!


Don't like cucumbers? Then I'll have yours! We grow them at the base of our tomato plants.

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You can have mine too et les carottes ! beurk. mdr.


She hates cucumbers in the plural, and carrots because they are too pointy.


I agree, but that's a bit weird, don't you think?

There's not a lot of difference between a cucumber and a carrot in the grand scheme of things.


this is the same phenomenon I mentioned in an earlier exercise: the speaker in the normal speed says "Pauline détestE les..." and in the slow version, "Pauline détest'" with a silent final "e". This was confusing when the word "déteste" was followed by a verb, making it sound like there was an interpolated "à" - at least, to the non-native speaker. Confusing for us who are trying to learn. I keep hearing these vowel sounds that are supposed to be silent, but in normal speech are pronounced or so dentalised as to sound pronounced.


It's something you have to get used to. Not all French speakers pronounce words the same way, and there are some quite strong regional accents as well. Just like English in fact.

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