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Information on the working of duolingo required

I leveled up to level 5 in Scottish Gaelic and expected to go to level 6 but this did not happen. So how do I progress ? I would be grateful if someone could advise me Thanks James Selbie

April 1, 2020



Yes. It is a team of volunteers writing the content for Scottish Gaelic. They have a few posts telling us what is going on. There will be more content. Here is a post that talks about it.



Actually you're on level 18.. which is based on your XP numbers, in other words how much time you spend on the course: https://duome.eu/JamesSelbi/progress

As AJFJdb already shared, that is the link with the most recent information about the Gaelic course. At some point you will check the learn page and it will look different, not all golden like it is now, that's when you'll know for sure.


To answer your question about Level 5, that's the last one. Each skill has five levels. Once it turns gold, you've completed it :)

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