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"We will lie down on the cool grass."

Translation:Nous nous allongerons dans l'herbe fraîche.

April 1, 2020


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I thought this case would be "SUR l'herbe", but it surprised me by "DANS l'herbe"


Sur is also totally fine.

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But that answer was refused by duo. I am absolutely sure that is the only difference. That made me wonder why "sur" is wrong here.


“ nous nous allongerons sur l'herbe fraîche.” was just accepted for me.


It is not wrong - think of Manet's famous painting in the Musée d'Orsay «Dejeuner sur l'herbe » - use the report button.


It is a mistranslation, "dans l'herbe fraîche" would be "in the cool grass", suggesting that it's well past time that they mowed the grass!


I used froide. I know that means cold, but chaud seems to mean both hot and warm. Is frais/fraiche the only acceptable word for cool? Are dans and sur interchangeable here?


Indeed, cool = frais, cold = froid.

Sur and dans are both ok here.


Thank you Zarrouguil. I remember a couple of years ago asking at a vignoble where i could park our camper van and the very beautiful lady shrugged her shoulders, waived her hand and said "sur les herbes" It was an idyllic spot by the river Lot. Can't wait to travel to your beautiful country again.


And what about " nous nous allongerons sur l'herbe froide"? Ma vaffanculo...


The speaker claims that the grass will be cool, not cold.


sur l'herbe was rejected, but sur la pelouse worked for me 02.09.2021.

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