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Tips on French listening skills

I have a good knowledge of French grammar and vocab, but when spoken i struggle to hear the words that i have learnt and process the sentence quickly in my head without getting lost. Do you guys have any tips on fixing my listening problem? thanks:>

April 1, 2020



Yes, practice is the only way. Your brain needs to learn the rhythms and tones and sounds of French spoken at normal speed, with the usual omissions and contractions and drawls and oddities that fluent speakers tend to invest their speech with. Once your brain has a handle on all that you will suddenly be able to hear and understand and ''hear'' gaps between words where now it seems there aren't any.

Only constant practice can get you to that stage. It can seem demoralising at first and you'll probably feel that it's impossible and that you'll never get there, but be assured, one day suddenly it will be like a light bulb going on.


Watch French news or movies. You can actually change the language on some movies. Also you can listen to the speaker examples in Duolingo. :)


For me it was a good experience to spend some time in Guadeloupe which is part of the French Caribbean. They spoke French there but it was easier to understand than the Metropolitan French. You could actually here where a word ends and where the next one starts. After getting used to listening to French there it was easier then to grasp the more standard French too. But I am still sometimes told that I have Caribbean accent (or maybe it is just a Finnish one).


What can help a lot as well is to watch famous French Youtubers, such as Norman, Cyprien, Le joueur du grenier, or Le Fossoyeur de Films (if you like cinema)

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