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When does it start to teach tenses?

Hello. I've reached the third checkpoint already. I haven't seen any tenses other than présent and some occasional futur proche. Does duo ever teach tenses like l'imparfait, le passe simple, le futur simple or le passé composé? If so, at which levels?

April 1, 2020



Yes, and soon for you. I think they all show up before the 4th checkpoint? I'm half way between checkpoints 4 and 5 and they've all been on regular rotation for a while now.


If you’re past the third checkpoint past tense is coming soon.


is it bad to only go after first medals to progress ...or is there a certain order to leveling up properly


In the skill Memories there is imparfait. It is a bit before the 3rd checkpoint

In the skill Weekend there is passe compose. Right after the 3rd checkpoint

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