July 17, 2014



I don't think pardon or het spijt me should be accepted, considering that the meaning of each phrase changes. "Sorry" is more of an "oops" or "sorry I bumped into you!". Pardon is more, "Excuse me, can I say something?" or "Excuse me, you're in the way" and "het spijt me" is more sorry in the sense of... "I'm really sorry I did that!" and "I'm sorry, I regret it so much". Het spijt me is very much a more formal apology. That's just my two cents anyway :P


That's helpful, thanks. I'm a total Dutch newbie!


It's super encouraging/impressive to me seeing this comment 8 months ago that you were a total newbie and now you're level 15 Dutch


And 7 months later, he's not even enrolled on the Dutch course anymore. That encouragement just turned to foreboding.


and 3 years later he is back on it and a level 5


2 months later now and he is lvl 16! Motivational!


and 1 year later (from LydiaLab's reply), still on lvl 16! motivational

Edit: Oh, a week later and lvl 17! I retract my sarcasm


Nope. level 5 once again.


Still remarkable that after 6 years he still comes back to refresh his course!.

Btw I have no idea how to see lvls is this still a thing? Or is it because I'm on the website (and phone)


There are other expressions as well: (1) "Neem me niet kwalijk", which was denied by DUO. (2) "Excuseer me". The former is less formal ("Neem me niet kwalijk, maar je bent totaal verkeerd" = "Sorry, but you are totally wrong"; while the latter is more formal ("Excuseer me, kunt U me zeggen waar het postkantoor is?" = "Excuse me, can you tell me where the post-office is") . The expression "sorry" in Dutch is a late-comer after aforementioned (1) and (2). VEEL SUCCES OR SUKSES!


You can really "bent" verkeerd. It is not a personally quality. Unless you are telling the other persoon he is evil or deformed or something. What someone sáys can be "verkeerd".

Wat je zegt is verkeerd.
Je hebt het mis
Je zit fout.
Wat je zegt klopt niet.


Are there any less formal word then "het spijt me" for apology? Like for less hard cases, like if you forget something not very important that you need to bring to your friend, or something like that?


Sorry is the most informal way. Unless you want to get into real colloquial speech, then it is usually just oops.


Whenever this comes up I have no idea if I'm translating from Dutch to English or English to Dutch.


I thought it was English to Dutch and typed "Het spijt me" instead. Oops.


The accent is what gave it away for me. That said, I don't think it ever pronounces the English words, so if there is a pronounciation, then you are translating from Dutch; if there is not a pronounciation, then you are translating from English. (PS - This may only apply to the website. I haven't used the mobile apps.)


English is sowwy dutch is sòrry ; )


Just type in sorry again. I guess.


I thought I was translating from English to Dutch, so I put, "Pardon" as the answer, and it was marked correct. Then I wondered why the Dutchbot was speaking English. And with a Dutch accent. Weird.


Oh man, how am I ever going to remember this one? :(


Dutch.. with all of its weird words and spelling, so frustrating.


-Drigo- Geloof me, engels is veel moeilijker omdat je veel meer van de uitspraak moet onthouden. In het engels spreek je een dubbele letter "o" anders uit, afhankelijk van de woordvorming, b.v. BOOK en COOL. In tegenstelling, in het nederlands schrijf je wat je hoort, b.v. BOEK, DOEK, GOED, HOED, KOEK, MOED, MOET, POES, ROES, SOEP, TOET, VOET, ZOET. There is a certain consistency in writing what you hear in dutch, which is sometimes absent in english.


Yeah, weet ik. Ik was gewoon een grapje. :)


Drigo Je bedoelt: "Het" was gewoon een grapje. Jijzelf kunt geen grapje zijn. Daarvoor moet je waarschijnlijk een clown zijn. BTW Dutch is very practical language, providing a clear understanding of things of all sorts, whether real objects, or ideas, qualities, or more abstract things, and their interrelationships.


Some people actually are a joke..

That sounded rude... But there is truth in it.


Beste Drigo - Maak de zin af, anders klinkt het net of jij een grapje was.


Should "het spijt me" be accepted here?


I don't really think so, since it means that you're really really sorry, that you really regret it. Sorry or pardon are "lighter", for smaller things, I would say.


From your comment I get the sense that "het spijt me" is more like saying "I'm sorry", not just "sorry!". It sounds a little more sincere.


It is not really really really sorry. You can say it when you bump in to someone.

Het spijt me is like forgive me. It doesn't necessarily mean you are begging for forgiveness or pained with extreme remorse. You just apologise for your action/behaviour.


Plot twist! Dutch is English in disguise!


Or, english is just altered/evolved old dutch.


What about 'jammer'? And sorry isn't recognised as a dutch word in google translate...


jammer is never said if you're excusing yourself. jammer means sadly, like "het is jammer dat het zo gegaan is." "It's sad that it went like this."


Jammer is

It's a shame
It's a pity
It's too bad.

(Is some cases unfortunate)

(Edit not unfortunately because that is jammer genoeg)


Yes, it is. I just checked by translating to German and French from Dutch.


Well that's reliable not only one time through the translator but multiple times.

That must be how it works, the more times you put it through the more reliable it gets ! ;)


Why is "I'm sorry." not accepted?


"het spijt me" translates to i'm sorry in Dutch


When would I use pardon vs sorry ?


the male guy says is very strangely


Failed it once


Sorry = Sorry

Tough exercise!


Who got this one wrong? ;)


for some reason i cant get this one 1 lingot=1 praise to get it right

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