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I need more for FRENCH!

During COVID-19 situation, I wanna improve my french skills using different ways like listening pop-cast, songs, watching movies, stand up shows etc. I need french folks to show me a way using witty, creative and lively.

April 1, 2020



You could listen to Coffee break french --> https://radiolingua.com/coffeebreakfrench/ It's a pretty good podcast for people at any french level :D


I am learning it too and I want the same thing.


Paul Taylor est un comédien qui fait des blagues bilingues. Je te conseil de regarder cette vidéo, youtu.be/Pae2AMnmUVA .

I have to say, I'm confused by your second sentence. Do you want the words "witty, creative and lively" in the answer? Do you want the answer to be witty? Or do you want the shows to be witty, creative, and lively?


Merci beaucoup, I just want to reach materials which are witty, creative and lively! you totally got the idea, I'll check the video thanks!


Youtube a beaucoup de films, très utiles.


RFI Savoirs is good. The user interface takes some getting used to but give it a chance.
Also Free4Talk.com for group chats online.
LyricsTraining.com for the music lover in you.
Do you have any movies on DVD or BluRay? If so see if any of them have a French audio track.


Thank u for your recommendations,


Consider Memrise for vocab ad Pimsleur for speaking.


Try the Inner French podcast. It is amazing. It is a true intermediate level podcast and the topics are varied and interesting.

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