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"Do you prefer straight or curly hair?"

Translation:Tu préfères les cheveux raides ou bouclés ?

April 1, 2020



Why is "des" not acceptable? I was marked wrong on a previous answer for using "les" with hair, and the usual reminder about plural nouns where the number is not important taking "des" popped up. So this time I used "des", and now it should be "les"? I can't follow why this would be


The question is not really if you should use les or des with cheveux, as both can be correct depending on the context and the meaning of the sentence.
In this example, it's about hair in general and you should use the definite article les.



The sooner the French get over this 'les' v 'des' issue, the sooner we will have world peace!


The sooner you understand the rules, the sooner you'll be relieved from this burden.

Appreciation verbs automatically prompt generalizations and generalizations use the definite articles "le, la, les".

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Comment dirait-on : "tu préfères des cheveux raides ou bouclés" ? Thanks


It's not a "jolie" sentence. "Tu préfères les cheveux raides ou bouclés". Remember: "préférer" is an appreciation verb.

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OK Thanks

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