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"C'est de la fiction ou c'est une histoire vraie ?"

Translation:Is it fiction or is it a true story?

April 2, 2020



why it is necessary to reat is it two times?


That's a weird sentence, in french you would normally say "C'est de la fiction ou une histoire vraie ?", meaning "Is it fiction or a true story ?. But if we translate the sentence word per word, since "c'est" is repeated twice, well "is it" has to be repeated twice.


Why is it "de la" before "fiction" instead of just "la"?


Fiction - de la fiction. The fiction - la fiction. You don't say 'is it the fiction' so you need the partitive article. Not the definite article.


Why do you allow minor spelling mistakes in French but not in English? It's so annoying!


I am not trying to learn here proper English. My goal is French!

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