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"You will paint exactly what you want."

Translation:Tu peindras exactement ce que tu voudras.

April 2, 2020



This is teaching me more about English again; the future tense of want in this phrase. "You will paint exactly what you (will) want." I just hadn't thought about this before. Hence, one has to utilise the word "voudras" rather than "veux" or "voulais".


Except they accept "veux" ¯_(ツ)_/¯


What?? Hmmm....


I was surprised also by the use of 'will want'. I imagined that the painter already knew what they wanted to paint, hence the reason for painting it. So, the will paint is future tense, but the want is present. Perhaps this is why Duo accepts both answers?


Went for absolument as it was given as the third option and got pinged . Iknew that I would so why give it as an option if it is incorrect. Is this multiple choice ?


Picking the 3rd option rarely is a good idea.


Why am I wrong

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