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French Learners: Want to help us test audio lessons?

Hello everyone,

Duolingo is looking for volunteers to provide feedback on a new feature we are working on—Audio Lessons! Audio Lessons are an experimental feature targeted at improving listening comprehension and speaking. Participants will listen to prototype audio lessons and provide feedback on the scripts.

We’re looking for users learning French from English and who are not yet past the third checkpoint.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this Google Form!

Thank you!

Product Manager at Duolingo

April 2, 2020



Why users not yet past the third checkpoint?

I would have thought, if you're wanting feedback on audio lessons, it would be better to get it from people who have more experience of how native french speakers sound?

[deactivated user]

    Or people who have done the course - then they can compare?


    Hi, Ivor810183! Thanks for your question. We're trying to optimize our new lessons for users who haven't yet unlocked checkpoint 3. Users who have already unlocked checkpoint 3 may not find the lessons particularly useful and may not be able to provide the kind of feedback we are looking for.


    Will everyone who enters get it?


    Hi nati,

    Thanks for the new feature. It must have rolled out to more users recently because I did not sign up to test it out, and I have completed the whole French course. I think it will be really helpful, especially for beginners.


    This is my favorite new Duolingo feature. It requires you to listen and speak French out loud, and helps you perfect your pronunciation. I love that I can use it while out on a run.

    Of course the grammar teaching is unnecessary for me, and I really wish Duo will add significantly to the number and level of lessons. :)

    I also wish that there was a 15- or 30-second replay icon available at all times. Sometimes something will distract your attention and you would really like to hear again what was just said. The only current way to do that would be to abort the lesson and restart it.

    I believe the feature is only currently available on the iOS app, and it may also be an A/B test.


    I agree! I actually got to this post to find out how to unlock more audio lessons, as I finished all mine and I don't know how to unlock more. I love those! About the grammar portion, I see value in it, but I'll be honest, it's not every time I'm close to my phone and can check it out. Usually during an audio lesson I'm doing something else and using the time to take a lesson, so sometimes the grammar portion does go unnoticed. Anyway, I LOVE the audio lessons, and I really wish there are more. Great initiative, Duo! :-)


    When can we expect to know if we made the cut?


    I have audio lessons on iPhone but not on Safari?


    i for lingot it. try it.


    I literally just finished checkpoint 3 this morning and have no crowns yet beyond checkpoint 3. Do I still qualify to participate? Will these audio lessons be available in the mobile app? I don't normally have many opportunities to use a computer. Finally, I can understand maybe 60 -70 percent of subtitled French, but I can barely understand what's said and I still can't speak French.


    This is a really cool idea! Filling out the form now...


    What Form Which Form


    The check points and I have a long and complicated history. I have been working on the course very slowly. Due to the Trees that have been introduced since I started I do have 5 crowns past Checkpoint 6, but 0 crowns between 2 and 6. Will I be disqualified or should I apply?


    Hi, jdmcowan! Please feel free to apply, you will still qualify. Thanks!


    I have this as well ahah, A few crowns in Check point 6. But only really done up to checkpoint 3 for lessons.


    How will it compare to the Duolingo Podcasts?


    I think this is a GREAT idea!! I'm past checkpoint 3 but I'm glad that this is being done! :) Good luck with it! :)


    if I want to learn French but have not yet started because I'm working on a different one, does that count?


    Hi gamergail! Yes, you can still participate, but please try to complete at least Basics 1 before signing up.


    Hi nati! I speak French and I would love to help you but I can't but thanks for asking this question to the users like myself. I hope you find soon enough a person who is fit for the job and can help you for the prototype. I can't wait for it to launch!


    Thanks, Theodenpla! There will be opportunities for more advanced learners to provide feedback on the lessons sometime in the next few months.


    So that means its gonna launch in a few months? Cool!


    I have filled in a form. Would love to be involved


    When will we know if we got in or not?


    And I think people will love it if you launch it so I don't think that people who has unlocked checkpoint 3 already will refuse im sure theres someone there who can help you


    I was past the third checkpoint but I passed it several years ago, before heaps of new courses were added and so now I'm kind of starting again. I don't have any crowns after checkpoint 3 now.


    I love the "audio lesson" feature!!!!! For me, it's the best feature on Duolingo and very useful for a person who took french before but wants to pick it up! So could you please upload more lessons when it's possible?


    Yes! Please upload more audio!!!!


    Hi Nati! I will be glad to participate in this, the form is completed and sent!

    Is it enough to qualify?: 1. Currently I am contributing to Russian-French course development (under supervision of PachaTchernof) 2. All the checkpoints in the tree are completed, I started all over from the beginning because I want to know how Duo works and eliminate spaces in my knowledge (because I've been studying French for almost 5 years and currently work in Paris)

    Thank you!


    Hi, Sergey10459! Unfortunately, you likely know too much French and you probably will not find the new lessons useful. We're trying to learn from people who are genuine beginners and are just starting to learn French. Thank you for your interest, though! There will be opportunities for advanced learners like you to provide feedback once we start writing harder content.


    Okay I got it, thank you! I will be waiting for advanced opportunities:)


    I am particularly interested in contributing back to Duolingo and its community. Looking forward to hearing back.


    When will we know if we got in?


    Lol so much FOMO in this thread :-)


    I'm here because the new audio lessons came up on my system - I don't know if I'm a tester or this is the new thing, but I LOVE them!!! I really needed some "tutoring" on my pronunciations, and these are really helpful. More and more like a real class. I'm a pro user with a 245 streak, but I'm still not past the second checkpoint. I do a little every day though, and these are the best thing since the awesome podcasts. <3 Thank you!!


    I'm partway through the fourth checkpoint and discovered audio lessons on my iphone. The intermediate one was incredible, and I loved it. However, there's not much there, only three lessons, I think. We need more! Listening and speaking, to me, are more important than any other aspect of learning a language, although all of it is essential.


    I agree! I wish there were more intermediate, and some advanced lessons.


    I am under the third checkpoint, but in French from German past it. Can I participate? I would love to.


    Hi, Petrakh! As I've said earlier, you likely know too much French and you probably will not be able to provide the kind of feedback we're looking for. There will be opportunities for advanced learners like you to provide feedback once we start writing harder content. Thank you!


    I'd love to help but I passed the third checkpoint. Can I still?


    I really, really don't mean this to be rude, but I see a bunch of folks asking this question here, and I don't get it. As I said, I really don't mean any rudeness, so please don't take it that way. :-) It's just that the post said, so clearly, that they don't want people past the 3rd checkpoint, so why are so many asking if they can participate if they're past the 3rd checkpoint? Well, maybe it's actually a good sign - maybe there's so many nice people out there who want to help, that they're hoping they can still help, even though they're past the 3rd checkpoint. Which is actually really cool, people wanting to help that much! :-)

    I think the whole audio lessons thing is great. I noticed a long ways back that my listening skills were my weakest skill, so I use a Chrome browser extension called 'duo strength' that blurs out the text for the questions. It's great. It means I have to listen to it, instead of reading it. And the other thing I never, ever do is use the 'word bricks'....makes it too easy for me to rely on the words being provided, instead of having to dredge them up from my own memory. Having those two things makes DuoLingo perfect for me, but the audio lessons would be even more perfect.


    Sounds like a great idea.


    Hi! I am halfway through checkpoint 3 in French. Would I still qualify for this?


    I love this idea! Can’t wait to try it out.


    J'apprends le français et je serais heureux de vous aider.


    I'm french, and, a big Duolingo user. That means that I know how much it is important to hear a very clear pronounciation when we learn a new language. If you need some help for a re-listening, just ask.


    Ooooh yay! I will fill it out! I LOVE acting!


    Will everyone who enters get it?


    Haven't reached the third checkpoint yet. I hope I can help!


    I really want to get back to learning French! Can't wait for this!


    I would love to help. I am currently doing the French tree from both English and Spanish (i am a native English speaker), and would enjoy getting involved in this! Form submitted...


    Very interested in this! I've been finding that the hardest thing to practice on my own is conversation so this sounds like it could be a great addition.


    Yes Natalie, I am interested. I live near Pittsburgh, am a native English speaker and have been learning French through Duolingo for a few months. Speaking is the biggest challenge for me. I need to learn the phonemes as well.


    Hi! I'm currently learning French from Russian, but also I've already started French from English (that I find better structured). On both courses I didn't reach past 3rd checkpoint yet. I am not native English speaker (but had a golden owl for completing English-Japanese course), so my expirience could show something from "non-native" side.


    experience not expirience


    That's a great idea. Have filled out the form and would love to participate.


    You actually filled out the form even though you have 469 crowns?


    I filled the form I am not a native english speaker but i am learning french from english and just at the first checkpoint so i just did.


    if you need a french speaker, then I can help you. I can speak three languages very well but I still haven't pass the 3rd checkpoint tho .( arabic, french and english )


    I am super excited, as many people here are too. How long will it take for the first lesson to show up?


    I just started French and I'm not even past the 1st check point.


    Filled out the form! I am really curious how it would differ from the podcasts and stories :)


    I am defecting a slight accent from the man speaking French. He has a slight rise intonation of certain words. Does he come from a different French speaking country?


    Hey nati, is it new the duolingo Podcast? I see it popping out of my screen each time I finish a exercise

    [deactivated user]

      No, it’s not the podcast. They’re testing a new feature - audio lessons. These are aimed at beginners wile the podcast is suitable for intermediate or advanced learners.


      I just signed up. Did this end already?


      Can I still participate? I just submitted.


      Je veux bien aider à corriger la sono :) Chui du sud (toulouse) même si Chti à l'origine, juste comme ça lol


      Hi @Nati! When are we having additional audio lessons? It's really really helpful and my audio lessons ended after 2 sets of intermediate lessons. :(


      This is a great move, any chances that audio lessons for German learners from English will be included as well ?


      i love these. naturally, they work well when the user is on the move. however, it would be great to have the key phrases and lessons written down somewhere for consolidation/study later on. thanks


      As someone who took classes for years but wanted a thorough refresher and practice for all levels, these Audio lessons are one of my favorite features on Duolingo… but I’ve run out of them. Do you have any insight into whether there are more being developed? They were seriously useful and fun and I’m hungry for more!


      I am learning French


      J’ai été né dans une ville française et présentement j’habite en Amérique. Je crois que je pourrai aider si vous voulez. Je ne sais pas où m’inscrire pour être inclus pour expérimenter vos studios lessons.


      I think they just want people that is still on the beginning of the course.. and as I see you're a native speaker


      up top it says sticky what does that mean, about five people have it. does it mean popular?? cos all of the stickys have loads of comments & likes. and followers.


      Is this new future Alpha test only for french if not i would loved to be a part of the other tetst and version of this?


      Hi I Would Love To Try This Out


      I'm past the third checkpoint but would be happy to help the french course in any way. I didn't really learn anything from checkpoint 2 or 3(I tested out over and over again till I got the questions memorized[I know it doesn't help me learn]). So would I still qualify or should I just go along my (not so) merry way and wait for the audio lessons to come out?


      i for lingot is you


      who learn Spanish


      I will volunteer but I am Diamond league.

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