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Happy Thursday... I understood this to be that the students will be on assignments for 15 minutes per day (75 to complete assignment)... but one of my students just completed the assignment in 15 minutes TOTAL??

April 2, 2020



Could you tell me if they were starting the Spanish course from the beginning?


It is indeed possible


The very early lessons on the tree have simpler sentences and fewer words. I assume at this point of the year, your students are not true beginners, so they might breeze through the easier stuff. Take a deep breath, and be happy that they are doing something -- anything. And hopefully feeling engaged.

While you are waiting for them to get to the point where they have unlocked Stories, take a look at what TinyDynamicDuo is working on https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198. You can download the stories and the scripts, and then push them out to your students.


While I cannot assign Stories to my students (unless I can and I'm missing something?), I can direct them to login > go to Stories > and select a particular story I want them to complete. On the teacher side--my "Schools" dashboard--I can click on each student's "View activity log" button, and see they have completed something, but it does not show which Story they completed, or even that it was a Story. It just shows "Practice" under the Lesson column.

Here is an image of a test student account I am using to play around with various activities. I logged in as that student and completed the Story "Buenos dias" (Spanish for English speakers). And this is what is shows on my teacher side: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FAyNQ2j-DlLXKd93_2Pq9Qs25HaQRrgv/view?usp=sharing

Any way "Activity log" window could reflect more specifically what the student has done, that is the specific Story they completed?


Connecting Stories more fully into Schools is the number 1 request, so I am confident that it is on the horizon. For the time being, when I assign a story, I have the students send me a screen shot of their golden icon.


Good suggestion. Thanks!


Here's a possible idea for you, SraMarinucci: Set your assignments to be one day long in duration, until you feel like your students are in the habit.


Yes! Me too! I ended up having to be very specific in my instructions to them about what I was going to be grading. My assignment was to do 15 minutes per day for five days, with 150 points to complete the assignment. I quickly realized I misunderstood how Duolingo set up that assignment, so here is what I wrote to my students (using Google Classroom): "Clarification regarding most recent assignment: -There are two goals. Your grade will be based partially on meeting one goal and partially based on meeting the second goal. -The first goal is to collect 150 XP (experience points, which is super easy to do, especially if you are in an upper level French class. -The second goal is to spend 15 minutes per day for five days making progress. It is more important that you are doing a little bit of work every day than a lot of work all on one day."

I added the "making progress" part because another educator mentioned in the forum that the students could just repeatedly do the same lesson or practice every day. I want to see that they are moving forward through the program.

Hope any of that helps!


Thanks for the tip! How did you monitor these expectations?

I see I can go to Students > click "More details" > change the view to "Activity Details" and set a date range to monitor how many XP points are collected during a date range. My school is encouraging us teachers to be very loose with due dates for assignments though, and students are onto it, so they are not turning things in on time. So this method would be tedious on me, the teacher, to say the least. Wondering if you've got a better method that I'm not thinking of.


My colleague is setting up his assignments to be one day in length, instead of the default of one week. I decided that that would be too tedious, but I am watching to see what he thinks of it.

Another idea is that right next to the button on the upper right that says, "Invite students" is a button that says "More details." This will give you two other ways to look at your students' data. You might like either of those two views better.

Also, be aware that some educators are experiencing a lag between when the student completes an assignment and when it shows up for them.

Keep posting questions! We'll make it through this together.


Well, it's still a work in progress... I've been trying to figure out a way to combine the different progress details that are provided. It's frustrating to me that the only thing I'm able to actually download isn't really what I need to see. I want a spreadsheet that shows for an entire class each student's name, what dates they worked on which lessons, how long they spent working and the total number of points they earned at that time. The progress report we get emailed to us is close, but it doesn't show the dates or time spent. When you click on a student's name and then view activity log, it gives most of that info for the one student, but it only shows what time they completed each lesson, not how long they spent on it, and you would have to go through each student individually.

Here's a question that I feel really dumb asking, but whatever... I can select the information in the activity log (or from the weekly progress email), copy it, and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet, but when I do, the column with the lesson number in it will not show up as typed. It's driving me crazy!!! For example, it might say 4/5 for the lesson number. Excel is converting it to April 5. Fine. I just have to change the cell formatting, right? Wrong! I tried changing it to general and tried text, and those both just converted the entire column to five digit number. I swear I'm going to lose my mind if I can't figure this out. Any idea what is happening and how to fix it?

My school is the same. I'm giving mine more days than necessary, but still giving them a due date. For example, I assigned them 15 mins/day for five days, but I gave them seven to do it. That way, if they're having an off day or can't fit a whopping 15 minutes in between Snapchat and Fortnight or whatever, they have a cushion and can take a day or two off. The plan is to give them a set number of points for reaching 150 XP, which is pretty much a giveaway grade because it's hard to NOT get that, and then give them a set number of points per day. If it looks like they probably spent 15 minutes doing it, full credit, if not, zero. So for this assignment, the total point value (for my class) is 75 pts and then I break it down: Earning 150 XP in the seven day window = 15 pts. Each day that they spend approx. 15 minutes = 12 pts. Five days x 12 pts. = 60 pts. Plus the 15 from the XP = 75. Does that make sense?

I'm not giving any quizzes or tests. My whole goal is for them to spend a small amount of time each day doing French. I planned to do things differently at the beginning, but changed my mind. I keep telling them we're all new at this and we'll figure it out together! As I learn more about how Duolingo works, I post about it on Google Classroom. If be happy to share any of those little tips with you, if you like!

Let me know what other questions you have. Honestly, just writing this novella helped me sort things out in my own mind!


I love this response! Your stream of consciousness "novela" was seriously so helpful. And "I planned to do things differently at the beginning, but changed my mind. I keep telling them we're all new at this and we'll figure it out together!" Is literally me every day. Sometimes when I think I am struggling more than they are, and I find a sweet student comforting ME. Like ok who's the adult here, get it together Mary!

Try pasting the activity log into a Google Sheet. It doesn't auto-format it like Excel does. Hope that works for you! Seemed to for me.


:) No kidding. I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.


For a spreadsheet, click on one of your classes. In the upper right is a button that says "More details." Click on it, and you get a choice of two views. In "Activity details," in the upper right, there is a button for "spreadsheet." It is a .cvs format, but easy to convert to Excel. That should cut your workload down a bit, hopefully.


I have done that, but the problem is that it doesn't show what days and times they worked, nor what lessons they did. I need a hybrid of all the different progress views! Lol

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