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France French Versus Belgian French

I am Belgian, native Flemish but speaking french as my usual language since 4 years old. I learned and am aware of what is called Belgisisms, expressions that are used in Belgium , and are many times grammatically incorrect. My partner started to use Duolingo for French and I noticed several sentences/constructions that are of that category. As I didn't take the course myself I didn't act on it, but as I noticed several, I thought I should make you aware of this. Thanks

April 2, 2020



You mentioned the "Belgisisms, expressions that are used in Belgium".

Can you provide a few examples? I am always curious about variations of languages.


will have to review the classes, which I can't do now. I will pay more attention and post as I see them. It is usually the construction of the phrases that are questionable. Not in the class, but if you are interested in variations, there are also expressions that vary between France french, Belgian french, and Brussels french. A typical in that category is the French "oui, certainement" and the Brussels "non peut etre" who mean the exact same thing


Here are some of the things I noticed (Didn't do a systematic scan, just stumbled on those): In level 1, greetings 4, first series, Translate How are you. Correct answers would be Comment vas tu or comment allez vous. Instead they give as correct Comment tu vas, or comment ca va, typical Belgisism, as is another one not in the lesson: est ce que ca va. And the answer Oui, ca va is of the same. Correctly you would answer Oui, je vais bien, or better Merci je vais bien.


Les Belges peuvent avoir quatre-vingt-dix-neuf problèmes, mais compter n'est pas un.


Ou peut-être nonante dix neuf problèmes .....


I know quatre-vingt-dix-neuf or nonante neuf, don't know of nonante dix neuf


Parce que ça n'existe pas ... c'est nonante neuf ! (Excusez mon erreur, j'ai passé ma jeunesse dans un petit ville près de la frontière belge il y à une cinquantaine des années)

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