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avoir la peau

L'expression idiomatique du jour est "avoir la peau de ..."

J'ai trouvé ce titre aujourd'hui en lisant les nouvelles - Le coronavirus aura-t-il la peau du capitalisme néolibéral ?

En anglais, "avoir la peau de qqc" est littéralement "to have its skin." Pour autant que je sache--ou selon le contexte--cette expression signifie détruire, tuer, ou anéantir quelqu'un ou quelque chose.

April 2, 2020



It can mean kill, since flaying anything will do that. But I’ve also heard it as a threat: “J’aurais sa peau” as in “I’ll make him pay” The very similar “I’ll tan his hide” in English used to mean “I’ll give him a whipping”


? I Don't Understand?


Ah, did I put this in the right forum? Yes, it's French. Okay, good. Once I made a long post in French and put it in the Spanish forum. Somebody said, "man, your dialect looks a bit like French, did you grow up in the Pyrenees?" I quickly understood what I had done and moved it. But it looks like I got it right this time.

So, i'm thinking that if a Frenchman says, "J'aurais ta peau!" it probably means that you should run like hell because he's about to kill you.

Similarly, this article's headline suggests that at least one economist thinks that one economic consequence of the coronavirus might be the death of liberalism. (The George Will variety.) The story supports that conclusion. I'm not saying I disagree or agree with it. Definitely not pushing a policy agenda here. My interests are purely academic, not political. I just thought it was an interesting turn of phrase and I wanted to share it with you.

Here's the article, judge for yourself:



A tiny remark to tell you that the abbreviation of 'quelqu'un' is not 'qqc' but 'qqn' https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/qqn.


Ca m'a fait rire :)

PS. Angele chante dans sa chanson "La loi de Murphy":

(...) Murphy voulait ma peau


Oh Sorry It's Fench

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