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  5. "De neushoorn is sterk."

"De neushoorn is sterk."

Translation:The rhinoceros is strong.

July 17, 2014



Anyone else fail this 3 times because they don't know how to spell rhinoceros in English?


Some trivia for those that are unaware, rhino means nose and ceros means horn. So the two words actually literally mean the same as in dutch.

If english did it in english it would be nosehorn.


de neushoorn en het varken zijn sterk.

ze vechten schildpadden.



It's a de-noun which is described by an adjective, no? So why isn't it sterke?


"sterk" is being used as a predicate adjective.

Here's how adjectives are declined:

For definite articles, the adjectives always get an "e" ending.

  • De sterke neushoorn
  • Het sterke dier
  • De sterke neushoorns

For indefinte articles it depends on the gender.

  • Een sterke neushoorn. (because it's "de neushoorn")
  • Een sterk dier (because it's "het dier")

Then if the adjective doesn't come right before the noun it modifies, it's known as a predicate adjective and doesn't get declined.

  • De neushoorn is sterk.
  • Het dier is sterk.


because the adjective is at the end of a sentence


"De winter komt eraan" - Neushoorn Sterk


Neushoorn, I seem to be unable to pronounce it. Can somebody help me?


Well nosehorn isn't too far of its mainly the vowel in nose that needs a different sound

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