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Checkpoint Charlie...

I note that I am now being asked and expected to complete a checkpoint exercise before being allowed to progress any further in the Scottish Gaelic course. I have never had to do this before. You qualified to go through to the next stage after you have finished the previous one.

Can anyone step in and help me over this matter? Is there no way around this so that I may continue on my way with this course, please?

April 2, 2020



As long as you’ve earned at least one crown in every skill before the checkpoint, the checkpoint test isn’t graded. You just have to answer all of the questions as best you can and move on. Duolingo does it to track your proficiency for their own internal metrics.


Just do your best with answering any questions that come up. It's simply a Duolingo tool to see how much you've learned. Don't think you can fail it though. Good luck with passing it!


The tests aren't that hard, they are mostly just a repetition of what you've already learned plus maybe a few things you'll learn in the next session (Duolingo adds these to see how much progress you'll make in the next session).

You can make a lot of mistakes in the checkpoint and still pass. In fact, it might not even be possible to not pass.

So unless you are having some kind of technical issue, just click on the tower symbol and do the checkpoint. It really isn't that bad and there is no way around it.


you cannot NOT pass actually, no matter how many errors you have. Just do it, then you can go on .

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