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"Avez-vous aimé jouer dans une comédie musicale ?"

Translation:Did you like acting in a musical?

April 2, 2020



So am I to learn that in French comédie musicale can mean tragedy or comedy, as long as your singling about it? If so, what is the translation of american english 'musical comedy' which is distinct from tragic plays, that might include singing.


"Une comédie musicale" is the initial name of a musical comedy from the times where musicals were comedies. This phrase is still used, whether the musical is a comedy or not. Typically, "West Side Story" used to be referred to as "une comédie musicale".

Other more suitable names have been used in recent years, like "un spectacle musical" or "du théâtre musical" or "une pièce de théâtre musicale".


According to a couple of dictionaries I looked at, "comédie musicale" is a fixed expression that translates to the English "musical". It also looks like the word "comédie" has more meanings than the English "comedy", including referring to acting in general.

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However, translation software translates "musical comedy" to "comedie musicle", so can they both be correct? After all, "Les Meserables" was a musical but certainly not a comedy.


I see that Google Translate lists both for "musical" and "musical comedy" for "comédie musicale". And the dictionaries I have checked are inconsistent. Seems like we need a native French speaker to clarify.


Duo doesn't seem to like one using the word 'playing'. It's quite normal to 'play' a role in English. I've reported it.


Why "did you like to act in a musical?" is not accepted?


"Did you like to play in a musical comedy? " rejected.


Acting and playing in a production are the same thing. Jouer is playing, playing a role. A musical comedy is not the same as a musical.


As to your last point, see my reply to @Wmconlon.


"Did you love acting in a musical?" was rejected 15 January 2021, in case anyone was wondering...Reported.


Duo has a very consistent policy about "aimer". It means "love" with people (unless tempered with "bien") and "like" with everything else. They want "adorer" for love of things. A dictionary seems to agree: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/aimer

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