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Missing a student

A student signed up to my class following the link I shared with them but she does not appear in my class. What could have happened?

April 2, 2020



There is a weird bug. Have your student

  1. click on the blue silhouette in the upper right (or their avatar if they have added on)

  2. scroll down to "settings"

  3. click on "progress sharing"

  4. Enter the classroom code you gave them.

This works for my students 100% of the time.

Please re-post to let us know it worked. And keep asking questions! We are all in this together.


I am having the same issue. The student did the solution you shared and she still has not appeared almost 30 minutes later.


Is your student showing up now? If not, have them try again. Cut-and-paste my directions for them. I have had one student who claimed to follow the directions, but did not actually understand. Keep trying!

If you seriously give up, then have that student send you screen shots as they complete assignments.

Hope this helps!

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