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"I want to share this news with the public."

Translation:Je veux partager cette nouvelle avec le public.

April 2, 2020



"ces nouvelles" should be accepted since 'I want to share general news....without context you can't know that it's just a singular piece of news.


Ces nouvelles was accepted 01/31/2021. many fictionaries define news in french when using the word nouvelles as fpl.


Is that a book that defines cromulent words?


In a previous question duo used au for with. Now it's wrong to use it here. Duo used avec


It has to do with the verb preceding the preposition. Some will be followed by avec (like partager here) and others by à (or au).


when you use 'a' (au/aux..etc ) to mean WITH it has the nuance of modifying a verb or noun to answer what manner/what ingredient it is made with/what(how) does it go with. the public is answering with WHOM WITH.


last time I was asked to translate "I want" I wrote "je veux" and it was marked wrong, with "J'ai envie de..." marked as correct. This time it's the other way around. Any way of knowing which way Duo wants to go with "I want"?


j'ai envie de means i feel like...as one friend would say to another about going for one type of movie over another; je veux = i want (really would like). Of course it depends on context; and they are interchangeably used often... except when the context demands one or the other... here it is a stronger sense of wishing/wanting to share the news.... so veux. Maybe others can provide better answer.


Thanks! That makes sense.

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