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Assignments disappearing

I assigned At Home 1, 2 and 3 about a week ago for my students (3 classes) to do 10 minutes/day. Today a student was struggling to do At Home 2 because At Home (which I wish was called "At Home 1") was missing from his unlocked lessons. I looked into it and some or all of the assigned skills were missing on the Assignments pages for my 3 classes. Now I feel like I have to check the Assignments page every day just to make sure my students have access to their assigned skills, and I'm worried that parents will think I didn't set it up right in the first place.

UPDATE - I've received 2 replies but I have no way of responding directly because Duolingo tells me, "Reach level 2 to start participating in discussions." As a teacher... I don't want to say what this makes me feel. Anyway, thank you for your kind replies. I have not added new students. I re-assigned the lessons yesterday and they're still there today, thank goodness. I've placed a separate bug report about not being able to participate in discussions and today I emailed teachers@duolingo.com about that as well.

April 2, 2020



Did you assign them all at the same time? And then my next question, Did you maybe click on "At Home 2" before you clicked on "At Home"? I'll report this for you to get it looked at.


Hi Kristen,

This may be related to a latency issue that we're having with assignments appearing for students.

It also depends on when the student entered the classroom. If they entered after "At Home" was assigned, then they'll not receive the assignment.

Could you please try re-assigning this specific lesson? If the student continues to have issues, provide their name and I'll investigate further.

Edit: I've responded to your email.

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