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  5. "The man eats a sandwich."

"The man eats a sandwich."

Translation:De man eet een boterham.

July 17, 2014



Is there a difference between "Het" and "De"? I wrote "Het man eet een boterham"...


There is a difference and you will have to learn nouns with their respective article.

Grammar: De/Het/Een


Thank you. That was extremely helpful.


Thank you! Came here for the same question!


How do you determine wether to use eet versus eten as I wrote "De man eten een boterham"


It is all part of the conjugation of the verb. You use eten on plurals and eet on singulars, third person.


thank you!! came here for the same question. ill try to remember that. im a beginner


Sometimes they don't prounouce it right so i get confused and when i do i ask my cousin who knows quite a lot of dutch.If u are confused or do not know the meaning of a dutch word.Dont hesitate to ask me!


In the lesson notes it mentions I is just the [verb stem], he/she/it/you? is [verb stem]+t and plurals/etc are the infinitive of the verb.

Is the extra "e" added to the front of eten because it has so few letters or because et is already used? Are the exceptions to this rule few-and-far-between?

It seems pretty straightforward otherwise.


How exactly do they pronounce " j " in Dutch? And the "sj", "dj"?


J = Y, as in Yard (there is just one exception to this, in jam, meaning marmalade and being pronounced z-dutch J)

Sj = Sh

Dj = J, as in Jar

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