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Option to Learn Dutch Not Present on App

I was naturally so excited to see that Dutch had entered Beta, but when I logged into the app to start the course, there was no option to select it! Is there an update I'm missing?

July 17, 2014



As far as I'm aware, languages that are in beta are not presented in either the iOS or Android apps.

You can verify this by switching your currently studied language on the website and open the app -- It should complain that the language isn't quite ready yet and offer to load up another language you've been learning.


Beta language course are available in both the iOS and Android apps. However Dutch will not be available in the apps until the next update is pushed through (this is true for all new beta courses, they don't appear in the app until the app is updated by Duo). I'm sure this will be done quite soon but there is no estimated date for now so please be patient :)


Thanks for the clarification :)

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