"You eat a sandwich."

Translation:Jij eet een boterham.

July 17, 2014



Strange, the usage of "u" was never mentioned in previous lessons. I was robbed :(

July 19, 2014


it's in the hints and tips in each lesson :-)

July 19, 2014


Where are the 'hints and tips'?

September 19, 2014


top of the page in each lesson if I remember rightly....sorry but i've abandoned Dutch for now...haven't been here for a couple of months...

September 19, 2014


You will see hints and tip if your on a computer, you don't see them if your on the phone

May 21, 2018


yup, in the hints and tips :)

January 19, 2015


So "U" is the the formal way of saying "you" and the most informal way in english. :)

July 17, 2014

[deactivated user]

    So true hahaha :D

    July 18, 2014


    How do you know when to put "jullie" and when to put "jij/je" ?

    February 25, 2015


    If you are from the Southern US, just translate "jullie" in your head as "y'all." Don't put that in the lesson, though. The -en verb ending is your clue that whatever is going on is y'all, and not you (one person). As far as je/jij, what I understand so far is that it has to do with emphasis. "Je" is the normal version without any special emphasis. "Jij" is used when you REALLY want to make a point about who is doing something. "YOU are eating the sandwich--I'm not." I've only been at this for a few days, so that may not be the best explanation, but it seems pretty close.

    July 21, 2015


    Yall really just needs to become standard. Its really needed in the langauge.

    June 27, 2018


    I selected the correct translation, but it tells me that I'm wrong? It does this quite frequently.

    November 8, 2014


    Then you probably are wrong quite frequently

    November 17, 2014


    Clearly I'm not when it tells me that my selection is incorrect, but then tells me the correct translation is the one I chose.

    November 21, 2014


    idk its wierd cause of the "U" but broodie or what ever is NOT correct for sandwich... C is the only one with "boterham" so thats what i picked ... ive never seen the U before it must be a typo

    November 11, 2014


    sorry 3* not C

    November 11, 2014


    What's the difference between jullie and jij

    April 19, 2018


    See answers above. Jullie is plural and jij is singular.

    April 27, 2018


    Some people mention "U" here. What I'm looking at is "Jij eet een boterham."

    Also, some people mention multiple choice. I got this through an audio exercise. There is no multiple choice for me.

    August 4, 2018
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