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"I thought about you when I saw Marie Saturday night."

Translation:J'ai pensé à toi quand j'ai vu Marie samedi soir.

April 3, 2020



I was always taught, (or I thought I was), that the passé compose was used when you were already in the imperfect - Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say? So I used the imperfect: pensais, and then the passé compose, Where did I go wrong in this people? E


What is wrong with "en voyant" in place of "quand j'ai vu"?


It is absolutely correct. It's a bit too far from the stucture of the original english sentence, so Duo won't like it. But that would be a perfect alternative in french.


Merci beaucoup.


J'ai pensé à toi lorsque j'ai vu Marie samedi soir. Accepted :)

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Ok, my stupid question of the day (well maybe there will be others.) Why doesn't "night" translate to "nuit"? Doesn't "soir" mean "evening"? If I used "nuit" would anything else need to change?


Your question is not stupid. This is a French oddity (one more).

You can't use "nuit" with "hier, aujourd'hui, demain":

  • last night = hier soir
  • tonight = ce soir/cette nuit (+ future tense)
  • this evening = ce soir
  • tomorrow night = demain soir.
  • yesterday night = hier soir, la nuit dernière, cette nuit (+ past tense)


Can you say "je t'ai pensé..."?


You can but the meaning is different:

  • Je t'ai pensé déjà parti(e) pour Paris = I thought you had already left for Paris.

To mean "I thought of/about you", you need to keep "à" and "toi/vous" after the verb.


Why is je pensais incorrect? To me j'ai pense implies an action that ended instead of something continuous.


i think bc the speaker is trying to convey a moment and the context where they thought of the "you", its more definite than indefinite

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