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"I am delighted with my weekend in London."

Translation:Je suis enchanté de mon week-end à Londres.

April 3, 2020



Is there a reason why fin de semaine is not accepted here?


That's not what we say in metropolitan french. Maybe french canadians do use fin de semaine for a week-end.
In France we rather say fin de (la) semaine for the end of the working week, so depending on the context it can be from thursday to sunday.


When I first studied French in the early 1970s, le week-end was still controversial because many French people hated anglicisms. I remember that the French speaker on a language tape said veek-end beginning with a "v" sound. Our teacher told us that "w" wasn't a native French sound so they pronounced it like "v".

It's interesting to study a language again after 50 years and see some of the changes that have occurred.


Fin de semana is used in Spain.


"Je suis ravi(e) de …" is also accepted.

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