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  5. "I like to swim."

"I like to swim."

Translation:Ik zwem graag.

July 17, 2014



Is "graag" some sort of adverb or is it a verb in its own right?


Adverb meaning "gladly", "like to", "willingly" or "please". It can't be used as a verb.

A very formal and rarely used nowadays form of "graag" is "gaarne", used in exactly the same way. You can sometimes us that word to request someone to do something in a polite way. You can still see it a lot at signs at person's houses, like "bezoek gaarne achterom" (meaning (not literally) "visitors, please use the back entrance").


Why wouldn't zwemmen be accepted if the verb is in the infinitive?


In the Dutch translation, there is a standard subject verb adverb form. The English form has "like" as the I-form of the verb "to like", and "to swim" as the infinitive. You can write something like that as well in Dutch:

Ik zwem graag - ik hou van zwemmen


okay, so " Ik graag te zwem /zwemmen" is WRONG! THEN "IK HOUD VAN TE ZWEM" is also shamefully wrong also? it says to say " IK ZWEM GRAAG" or " IK HOUD VAN ZWEMMEN" zwemmen is for jullie,wij and zij (right?) BTW is there some dutch classroom one could join around here in duolingo?


You only conjugate the main verb.

  • Ik zwem graag - verb comes second in the sentence
  • Ik houd van zwemmen - zwemmen is the infinitive just like to swim in the English sentence.


Are you sure about the HOUD van zwemmen. In all the translation sites it says, ik HOU van zwemmen.


houd is correct but most people consider it to be pretty formal. hou is very common. But some people are puritans who always use houd.


Ik hou van zwemmen is also correct.


Ik hou van zwemmen is also correct


Why is, ik houd van zwemmen wrong

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