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"He is Tunisian and he is a teacher."

Translation:Il est tunisien et il est professeur.

April 3, 2020



Recently we have learned the idiom 'C'est' instead of 'il est'. I used it here for 'c'est professeur' but it was wrong. WHY?


You replace "il est" with "c'est" before a determiner:

  • Il est professeur: "professeur" is an adjective
  • C'est un professeur: "un" determines the noun "professeur".


It's missing « un » ! I would assume the sentence would be « Il est tunisien et c'est un professeur. » .. correct me if I am wrong. Merci Beaucoup


Your sentence is correct and the alternative is "Il est tunisien et il est professeur" (without "un").


Thank you so much!

Unrelated question; I think Duolingo's pronunciation of a sentence is incorrect, can you please check my comment on this thread and let me know? I am really confused. Thank you again. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34467264/He-doesn-t-have-any-more-clothes-and-he-wants-to-fill-up-his-closet


She should not say "pluSS" because this "ne... plus" is negative.


I put, "Il est tunisien et il est maestro." I feel it should be accepted.


Oops! I got Spanish mixed up with French! My bad.


Maestro ? No, that's italian and that's not a word we use in french for a teacher. We can use maître (d'école) in some circumstances, but enseignant is a better alternative to professeur.


why was enseignant rejected? I thought that was a teacher at a lower age/grade level...

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