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"Tha mi a' cluinntinn an duine agam."

Translation:I hear my husband.

April 3, 2020



This is mildly spooky, was she possibly hearing her dead husband?


Unless the next sentence is "Quick! Hide under the bed!"


Is there a reason why it can't be 'I hear my husband' which sounds natural to me?


Yes, and no. The course is concentrating on teaching you the present progressive formation, which Gàidhlig uses a lot more than English does, including most places where English uses a simple present.

A good translation of the above is indeed "I hear my husband", most of the time but there is a more literal way to say that, too, so they are teaching them distinctly to help you separate them in your learning.


«... feumaidh tu falbh gu aithgheárr!»

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