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"Do you know what is the meaning of life?"

Translation:Est-ce que tu sais quel est le sens de la vie ?

April 3, 2020



Please explain why quel is used here, i always thought it meant which and used tu sais qu(e)'est here.


"Quel" is used with the meaning of "which" when it is paired with a noun: quel... sens.

This meaning of "which" is broader than in English, where "which" is used with a rather narrow choice of options. In French, "quel(le)(s)" implies a choice, large or narrow.


Le sens de la vie was a hit song a few years ago by Tal. The video was fantastic. She filmed it in Queens (the subway and jogging scenes) Manhattan and at a studio in the Bronx. Some of the waterfront scenes might be from the promenade in Bklyn Heights or Domino Park in Williamsburg.


the lyrics are great too thanks


Ah the easy questions first; next will be about life, the universe and everything!


tu sais ce qui est le sens de la vie

wrong ?


Try with Tu sais ce qu'est le sens de la vie ?


I tried exactly that and it was wrong.


I tried Tu sais qu'est-ce que c'est le sens de la vie, and it was marked wrong. Anyone know why?


It is too wordy and you can say the same thing in a simpler wau:

Tu sais quel est le sens de la vie ?


How does sais-tu le sens de la vie translate, please?

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