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connecting to class code?

When my students are connecting to our class they are only showing up as randomized letters and numbers instead of their names and their emails are showing these same letters and numbers @duloingo.com instead of the emails they are signing up with. How can I direct them, or its this a problem with the site?

My students are young and their parents are helping them.

April 3, 2020



This has happened to me before. Hang tight; I have to switch computers to the one with my Educator's Network account, and I will report this for you.


This happened to me too with one student. How do I know who they are or how can I get it changed so I can grade it?


For now, your only hope is process of elimination, or e-mail the handful of students that you haven't accounted for. I reported this on the Educator's Network, so it should get looked at pretty quickly.

If you are able to determine which student or students are having the problem, have them log in, click on their avatar of blue silhouette in the upper right

scroll down to settings

click on progress sharing

enter the classroom code one more time.

This might fix the issue.

If it does, post here. If it doesn't, post here. :) I'll help you get a solution.

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