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  5. "We fished in the sea."

"We fished in the sea."

Translation:Nous avons pêché dans la mer.

April 3, 2020



When does one use "dans" and when "en" meaning "in"?


Hi Drea. Here are some thoughts of how I understand the use of 'dans' and 'en'. 'En' is used for country names or area names, J'habite en France; to indicate when you went somewhere: Je suis allé en Angleterre en 2019; to indicate what something is made of: Il est en cuivre; to indicate means of travel: Je voyage en avion; to indicate how you are feeling: je suis en colère; to indicate time: Je vais chez moi en/dans trente minutes is a good example because the first sentence means ‘It takes me thirty minutes to go home’ whilst the second sentence means ‘I am going home in thirty minutes’ or ‘in thirty minutes from now I will go home’. Also when talking about something that will happen in the future: Nous partirons pour des vacances DANS trois jours. When talking about a past era, I grew up in the sixties: J'ai grandi DANS les années 60. Basically I think that ‘en’ can be translated as ‘in’, or ‘by’ or ‘made of’ or ‘to’ but ‘dans’ only translates as ‘in’. Classic translations of ‘dans’ include : Le chien est dans la maison, Je vis dans une petite maison. I hope this helps, and please feel free to let me know if I have made an error.


Thanks a lot, very helpful.


It's correct French but DL sometimes makes whims


I think we should use "sur" instead of "dans"


What's wrong with (à la mer)? Besides, doesn't (dans) la mer implies that you were actually INSIDE the sea? Seriously, Duolingo should have a specific course, or skill, all focused on the use of à, en and dans. They are so vague and confusing

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