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Lag time for Assignments in Duolingo

There seems to be a long lag time, maybe close to 12-24 hours for when students tell me they are completing work and when it is recording/showing up in Duolingo and as a completed assignment in my teacher account. What can I do?

April 3, 2020



Take a deep breath, and don't put grades in immediately. :) Probably not the answer you were hoping for. These are crazy times, huh? I think we're just going to have to be flexible as we weather this.

On our way out the door as we were basically getting pushed out of the building, one of my colleagues said, "When we get back the kids are going to be really high on the ACES (trauma) scale." This has stuck with me quite a lot. So I am keeping to a comfortable routine, but I am also giving some leeway if a student is late with an assignment. I am not checking the very next day. (My assignments run Monday-Monday, and I am only doing XP right now. I check on Wednesday.)

I hope that what I say helps you even a little. We are all in this together!


The current lag prevents me from efficiently using class time to update students about their progress in Assignments. I wonder what I can do, if anything? I enjoy using Duolingo as a supplementary learning tool for my students.

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