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  5. "Veel Spanjaarden wonen hier."

"Veel Spanjaarden wonen hier."

Translation:Many Spaniards live here.

July 17, 2014



plot twist: It's spain


Could be Latin America also


It'd be possible, but it says ''Spanjaarden''.


Either your making a sophiscated joke about Spanish post-crisis emigraion, or not really. Latin Americans aren't Spaniards!


You are descendants from them... Doesn't that count as being a spaniard? Isn't it the same as hispanic?


No that does not make you a Spaniard, at least not in my opinion. Personally I don't get it when people say that they are Spanish, Irish, Italian or any other nationality when they have some ancestors that came from there, yet they themselves don't have that nationality, often they have never even been to the country, know very little about the country and don't speak a single word of the language.


I realize the phrase "Latin Americans aren't Spaniards!" could come off as defensive. It wasn't supposed to be. It's simply that you wouldn't call the Quebecois "Frenchmen", would you? French speakers, yes, but "Frenchmen"? No. And the Quebecois are at least descendents from French settlers by and large. Latin Americans have diverse roots (many European countries - not just Spain, native peoples, Africans) and so they are not Spaniards. Hispanic and Spaniard are not the same in English. Hispanic refers to people who speak Spanish or whose ancestors spoke Spanish, while Spaniard refers to a citizen of the country of Spain.


What's the difference between "Spaans" and "Spanjaard" ? Both are used to describe people from Spain, isn't it ?

(PS: English is not my mother tongue so I don't get the Spanish/Spaniard difference either, in French we only have "Espagnol" for all those terms :) )


Think of it like this:

  • Il est Espagnol - He is Spanish - Hij is Spaans.
  • Il est un Espagnol - He is a Spaniard - Hij is een Spanjaard.

Hope that makes sense :)


Oh! So Spaans is the adjective while Spanjaard is the noun, right ? Many thanks :)

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