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Wasn't notified that Dutch was added

I realized this morning that, despite the fact that I clicked the "notify me" button on the Dutch course that is now in beta's page, I wasn't notified via email (or the little message bell on the top right). I only realized that it was completed when I checked this morning and it looks like by that time the beta had gone live 20 hours prior (gauging from the posts in the forum). I also checked in my spam email folder and there was nothing from Duolingo.

July 17, 2014



Hi aokoye - the notifications were sent this afternoon. We like to wait a little bit after courses are launched to make sure everything's going smoothly before sending the notification. We don't notify users who are already in the new course because we assume you no longer need to be notified;) Since you started this morning, you didn't receive an email. Hope that clears things up!


Ah ok - that's good to know. I'm glad it wasn't a bug in your system :)


Thanks a bunch for reporting it anyway! It made us double-check;)


Hi karint! I had the same issue with Swedish, I had signed up months ago and didn't get notified. I manually checked and it's up there now, so I just started.

Congratulations on launching new languages. It's truly exciting! :)

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