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"Ce danseur est très jeune, mais il n'est pas ridicule sur scène."

Translation:This dancer is very young, but he isn't ridiculous on stage.

April 3, 2020



Does this sentence make more sense in French than it does in English?


It's a ridiculous sentence. Really, Duo!


Let's get this out of the way: "on stage" "on the stage" and "onstage" should all be accepted.


Duo seems to go back and forth between translating literally and idiomaticly.


I put "he is not" and was marked wrong -- it will only accept "he isn't" -- that's ridiculous! Ha!


This is a non sequitur. No reason at all why being very young would imply being ridiculous on stage.


This is the most ridiculous set of lessons that I've run into since starting Duo 4 or 5 years ago. This whole module sucks. IMHO


Yeah, for some reason a lot of statements in this lesson just don't seem to be logical. It makes me second guess my translations a bit.


I know the "arts"is very poorly constructed almost hideous no one talks like this


Non, Duo. Cette phrase est ridicule.


The reason why this sentence feels odd is presumably because it suggests an unwarranted relationship between being young and being ridiculous on stage. I doubt that this helps learners learning French and perhaps Duo had better refrain from using such sentences.


Is ridiculous in French used in the same way as in English? In English you probably wouldn't say this unless you were really emphasising it could have been ridiculous but it wasn't. It's not very high praise if you say that. Or it could be an underhand way of saying it's bad but not awful (quite a typical indirect way British English speakers might speak). Perphaps the translation should be 'out of place'. It really depends if this is a legitimate french sentence.


what an absurd sentence


Boo! Hiss!! The dancer is OK but Duo is ridiculous!! Sometimes wonder if these crazy constructs are put together by a broken computer rather than a human being?


What does Duo have against performing artists?


"On the stage"? Is that there much difference in meaning?


I get that the whole point is to teach the grammar, but this is a really strangely worded sentence.


I've commented elsewhere on these stupid sentences - we need to learn both grammar AND some useful sentences. How about "Duo isn't very young but he certainly is ridiculous"


What is wrong with 'This dancer is very young but he is not ridiculous on stage'.


"Scene" is english, I believe. Not accepted here, though. Also "genre" and so many other words, which may not have been in the vocabulary 50 years ago.


My answer "the dancer is very young but he is not ridiculous on the stage" is exactly the same, but without the apostrophe. Why is it considered wrong


It should be "this " dancer......


It should be "this" dancer


Why a young dancer should be ridiculous?


My answer was correct


Yep.. I didn't use the contraction and got it marked wrong too!!!!


With this module we have entered an alternative universe.


Is not instead of isn't should be accepted


Yet again it has refused to accept "is not" and only accepts "isn't". Does anyone who can change the site read these discussions?


Come on Duoling, stuff like this has got to stop. THIS sentence is ridicule!


Ok, silly sentence aside, I'm amused by a warning I just received to "Pay attention to the accents".

I was given this sentence as a fill-in-the-blank question:

Ce danseur est très jeune, mais il n'est pas ridicule sur _.

I typed "scène", which is correct, but then It yelled at me about a missing accent:

Pay attention to the accents: Ce danseur est très jeùne, mais il n'est pas ridicule sur scène.

The word "jeùne" was underlined. The word "scène" was not underlined, as I had spelled it correctly. It seems pretty ridiculous (much more ridiculous than any young dancer, LOL) that it complains about a word that I didn't type.

It's definitely a typo in the answer; "où" is the only word in the entirety of the French language that contains "ù"!

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