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"Why don't you tell her the truth right away?"

Translation:Pourquoi tu ne lui dis pas la vérité tout de suite ?

April 3, 2020



How do I know when to use lui instead of la like in previous lesson


It's because of direct objects and indirect objects, or accusative and dative.

Lui/Elle is when it's a direct object. "I will thank her"="Je la remercierai".

Lui/Lui is when it's an indirect object. "I gave her a gift"="Je lui ai donné un cadeau". And here "a gift" is a direct object, for example.


Here lui is an indirect object pronoun that works for both masculine and feminine, and la would be wrong.

Masculine Feminine
Indir. obj. pronoun Je lui parle Je lui parle
Direct obj. pronoun Je le vois Je la vois
Stressed pronoun C'est lui qui parle C'est elle qui parle

Parler à takes an indirect obj. pronoun.
Voir is followed by a direct object.


pourquoi ne lui dis-tu pas la verite ...



Yes, that's ok, but "Pourquoi tu ne lui dis pas tout de suite la vérité ?" is not. Why ?...


Why is ' vous ne lui disez pas ' not accepted here?


because 'dire' in 2nd person plural (vous) is 'dites', not 'disez'.

same for 'faire', it's 'faites', not 'faisez'.

native french speakers also sometimes make that mistake.


when is "la verite" used versus "le vrai" or "la vraie"


"la vérité" translates to "the truth", and "le(la) vrai(e)" translates to "the real/true one".

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