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"My entire family has blond and curly hair."

Translation:Toute ma famille a les cheveux blonds et frisés.

April 3, 2020



Can one say "Ma famille entière..."


Yes, absolutely. But toute ma famille is a bit more common or natural.

[deactivated user]

    You're right. It's really better. But nevertheless there is absolutely no reason to reject "Ma famille entière". No reason at all.


    Not accepted 6.20.

    [deactivated user]

      If Duolingo wants us to write "Toute ma famille...", he just has to propose "My whole family". A little consistency can't hurt...


      I forgot the rule about parts of the body and put 'des cheveux'. Duo accepted it. Was that a mistake by the owl, or is there some latitude with the rule?


      You were probably not necessarily specifying each and every specific hair on their heads so there is probably some latitude to discuss non-specific hairs.

      Whereas if you were discussing a nose or a chin or even an arm then you really have no choice but to be specific.

      Unless of course, you want to say that she broke an arm (elle s'est cassé un bras) as opposed to she broke her arm (elle s'est cassé le bras).


      Pourquoi pas: Ma famille entiere a les cheveaux blonds et bouclés?


      "ma famille entière a les cheveux blonds et frisés ". is accepted


      Why is blonds et frisés plural and masculine when family is feminine and singular?


      They follow the noun 'cheveux', not 'famille'


      Because blonds and frises are describing the hair not the family, and the hair is masculine

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