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  5. "Ik ben een jongen."

"Ik ben een jongen."

Translation:I am a boy.

July 17, 2014



Is it me or does "Ik ben een jongen" sound a lot like the German version "Ich bin ein Junge"?


It is quite similar, isn't it? German and Dutch have some similarites, so if you know German it will probably be a lot easier to learn Dutch. That's just my thinking, though.


I thought the other way.... Knowing Dutch will make German easier ;-)


Knowing English helps a lot too. I'm not a native speaker of either and having spent a few months in the Netherlands made me realize what a big stepping stone my English is for learning Dutch.


I am relieved to hear that. I am a native speaker of English, so I hope Dutch will be easy. I am finding German a little challenging. Strangely, I am having a much easier time with the Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, and French, in that order of ease). Of course it helps that I learned a little Spanish as a child. Still, I would think Germanic languages would come easier.


I've been studying German off-and-on for years now, and I'm hoping that will help me with Dutch, a language I've always wanted to learn. I see a negative side, though. I've so far learned that "Haus" ("house") and "huis" are neuter nouns in both languages, but "Boot" ("boat") is neuter in German yet it's "de boot" in Dutch. Will it be too hard for me, i wonder.


How should I be saying jongen? I speak German so I keep defaulting to saying Junge.


Like ''Jungen'' but instead of with an ''u'', with an ''o'' as in de word ''Ohren'' (German) :)


how do you know when you use "ben" or "bent"?


Ik ben Jij bent Hij/zij is Wij zijn Jullie zijn Zij zijn


I don't understand "jongen" 's pronounciation. In "jongen" , there is an "o". Is "o" 's pronounciation like "o" in English or like "u" ?


Wouldn't the letter "g" in jongen sound like "r" in dutch?


No, not at all, sorry


Hallo hierdie vraag is baie maklik


How do you pronounce "Ben"? Like "en" or like "een"?


How come I don't hear "een" being pronounced even after hovering my cursor over it several times? Are you required to pronounce "een" in the sentence or is it a grammar thing?


Yes, you have to pronounce een in the sentence. You may want to use the slow speech if you have trouble hearing what is said.


How do you pronounce "een"? And How do you pronounce "jongen"?


"een" = "un" "jongen" = "yongin"


Could you use jongen to describe gender? Could a man call themselves a "Jongen"?


It's the same as in English basically.


Saying "Ik ben een jongen" as a grown man would not be correct (you can call a grown man "een jongen" as an insult).

Jongen is specific for a male child, not the whole gender. "Ik ben een man" would be correct as a grown man, but would sound weird coming from a child/teenager.

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