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"We have no dogs due to the fact that we are against animals."

Translation:Wij hebben geen honden, doordat wij tegen dieren zijn.

July 17, 2014



"Doordat" is used in cases where something(out of your control) causes a situation and it wasn't obviously your intention to let that happen.

Two examples:

  1. I couldn't make it on time, because(omdat) I didn't know what to wear. (Worst pretext ever, I know :P)

  2. I couldn't make it on time, because(doordat) my flight was delayed.

I hope you'll understand.


I think the Dutch sentence should use "omdat" as it is related to a personal choice.


Thank you for your explanation. Indeed, it seems that "omdat" makes more sense here. Perhaps "doordat" is similar to "on account of ..."


Dat is niet wat deze website voor nederslands sprekers geven: http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/598/omdat_doordat/


Would "staan tegen" work here, in stead of "zijn tegen", or does it change the meaning?


NO, "Staan tegen" exists in dutch, but it means "standing against" in the meaning of fysically leaning against something, like a bar or a wall. In English: Standing up against something is like a revolution not a fysical thing at all. In Dutch there is a word like: "Opstand" fysically meaning standing up an translated into English like: "Rebellion, revolt, rising". So you were close, sorry :)


Thanks, that's very helpful :D I have a feeling "opstand" will be very useful for a book I understand is a bit easier to understand by nonnatives.

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