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Is this phrase actually used in French?

So, I recently started using Busuu, another language learning site, and on one of the lessons it says "Qu'est-ce que tu racontes de beau ?" translates as "How have you been?" Is this expression actually used in France? It seemed a little odd to me, as I haven't been exposed to this expression

April 3, 2020



It is very common, yes. It is a colloquial expression, don't say that to your boss. It means What's new?


It seems very wordy to say just "what's new". Isn't there "Quoi de neuf?" or "Quoi de neuf chez toi ?" I know the French like to speak a bit longer than Americans (or at least it seems that way to me when I listen to a tv show), but a lot of their phrases are to keep things short.


Well, what can I say ? Sometimes the point is to express something, not to save your breath ! ☺


yes, "quoi de neuf" was also in the lesson, means the same thing


Yes, this expression is used in France. But it is rather colloquial. Not to be used in a formal context. Rather with friends or family members. Notice the use of "TU", indicating familiarity. However, you may use it with "VOUS" in a bit more formal conversation, for example, your neighbor : "Qu'est-ce que vous racontez de beau ?" It is not slang or vulgar though, so you may use in everyday conversation.

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