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Assignments aren't being posted for students until I manually click "Assign now" to all. Please help

There is a lag time on assignments these past two days. I usually had to simply choose the assignment and it would post immediately. Now I have to post assignment, go back to the assignments tab, and manually press "assign now" for all my students. Even after doing this students are still seeing a lag time between these steps on my end. They've notified me that Duolingo alerts them an hour after I had originally posted the assignment for them. How do I go back to the simple time when I simply assigned work and it would immediately alert all my students. Any help is appreciated!

April 3, 2020



They should get a notification through their email saying (something like) Your teacher has assigned a assignment. View assignment. I've never actually seen the email but from what other users have said it's something along those lines.


Yes, they get the alert, yet they are getting it an hour or two after I assigned it (this used to be instant). I also have been prompted to do the extra step of having to go back to the assignment I just assigned and clicking on "Assign Now." This used to be immediate is what I'm trying to say, no extra "assign now" or "pending" comments would come up until these past two days.


Duolingo for Schools has unfortunately been experiencing delays as of late, I'm guessing related to a large increase in the number of teachers using the service. The 'pending assignment' issue has been reported by someone else and is apparently being looked into: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37413881


Hello, checking in! There are still issues with my pending assignments and now students aren't getting the credit for completed assignments that they deserve. Please help!

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