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Duolingo Stories, & General Practice modules use on Duolingo for Schools


This is more directed at the Duolingo for Schools tech team, but if any of you have any insight, please share!

I'm a teacher and have been using Duolingo to supplement my classroom for the last several years. Each year more bugs are fixed and there are more extensive activities for my students to engage in. As we move deeper into the distance learning situation due to COVID-19, I would like to ask if there is a way for the points earned on Duolingo Stories and through General Practice to be counted toward the Assignment that I give them for the week?

During the normal school year I give a 20 XP assignment issued on Monday and due every Friday. Not too much work, right? Now that the focus has shifted to more intense online work, I've increased the assignment to 100 XP (still assigned Monday and due Friday). Duolingo Stories could really help get my students the points they need for the week and at the same time would be working on their reading and listening comprehension. I find a lot of value in it for them and it gives them a more practical setting to experience the language.

Is this enhancement to Duolingo for Schools possible? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

All the best and stay healthy!

Tanner Mosher

April 3, 2020



This is a workaround but it requires a lot more effort on your part and their part.

What you can do is:
If students complete a story have them tell you which story and when(date and time).
Check duome.eu/username to see if they got 20 xp on that date and time.
If they did(complete a story) but they are 20 xp short on the assignment you know they competed your assignment because 20(story)xp and 80(lesson)xp.

To check their duome.eu profile:
Type in(in the search bar of your browser)duome.eu/(the students username)
Example: duome.eu/JackDunne5 or duome.eu/SrMosher17
Then scroll down till you see a chart that is titled Daily Progress*GMT(for example) -4 RAW.
Click RAW.
You should see a chart somewhat like this:

This is my xp raw data chart.

Then look for the date and time then 20+ xp. For example: 2020-3-27 19:52:12 *20xp

Tell me if you have any questions or need any explanation.

By the way. I am not a teacher and have never tried this method. I have a blank classroom that I mess around with to help teachers with questions like these. If this doesn't work or is to much work please tell me and criticize my method in any way that will help me improve it. Thank you.


JackDunne has a great workaround. I am more lazy, and just have the students send me a screen shot of their golden icons. I do this for Tinycards, too.


My students would also be eternally grateful if Duolingo for Schools could make Stories count towards assignments! I can't count the number of kids who have told me Stories work really well for their learning style and would love to have them count towards assignments IN Duolingo (not just me saying it's OK). ¡Por favor, considéralo!

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