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"Paul, tu continueras de nager tous les matins ?"

Translation:Paul, will you continue to swim every morning?

April 4, 2020



When does "continuer" take à vs. de? I put à in another answer and it was correct. Is there some technical rule about this?


Je continue à nager pendant encore trente minutes. Continuous action
Je continue de nager régulièrement. Habit


HI, thank you. After making this mistake I found something which says 'continuer à faire quelque chose' - to continue to do something and 'continuer de faire quelque chose' - to keep doing something. Not sure if that helps.


When my answer is incorrect, the tip says that one should use "à" following "continuer", then it marks it wrong and asks for "de". The tip should at least explain the difference!


I agree that would be nice but at least there is this forum to help us learn. Jojo has explained the difference very concisely.


"Paul, are you going to keep on swimming every morning" should be accepted; I've reported it.


No, you have switched the verb tense from future tense (will you keep on) into the present tense (are you going to keep on).

This might be simpler, but we really have to learn and use future tenses instead of falling back on "going to" and aller.


Paul, will you keep swimming every morning? Accepted.

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