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"He burned his tongue from drinking his coffee."

Translation:Il s'est brûlé la langue en buvant son café.

April 4, 2020



Is "sa langue" wrong? I appreciate it should/could be "la langue", but would "sa langue" be a correct alternative. I expect not, and will not report, but be interested in input from the community on this. Thanks.


Hi Simon.

Here's a helpful and brief read on articles and body parts:


The French generally use definite articles (le, la, l', les) when referring to human (and animal) body parts.

However, there are special cases in which possessive adjectives (mon, ta, ses, leur, etc.) can be used:



What's the rule about the gender of the passé composé when a body part is involved? I was expecting it to be "brûlée" because of "la langue" but I guess not.


You have to look at a few things:
- Reflexive or not reflexive verb.
- Auxiliary: être or avoir.
- Position of the direct object. Before or after the verb.

Reflexive verbs:
Il s'est brûlé.
Elle s'est brûlée. (reflexive verb, no other direct object)
Ils se sont brûlés.
Elle s'est cassé la jambe. (reflexive verb, direct object after the verb)
C'est cette jambe qu'elle s'est cassée. (direct object before the verb)

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