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Translation of a French verse from Tree Hugger

Hello I'm looking for the translation of this verse from the song Tree Hugger by Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants

Et le jackalope a dit "Je voudrais être un yeti Pour voler dans la nuit Et m'en aller loin d'ici" Mais le yeti a dit "Je voudrais être un monstre marin Pour pouvoir rentrer dans la mer De tous les requins"

I've got this so far:

And the ... had a wish "I would like to be a yeti (?) To ... in the night And ... but the ... has a wish "I would like to be a big (?) To return to the sea ... ... the sharks"

The video on YouTube gives a visual idea of what's being said but I would love to have a direct translation.

Thanks :)

4 years ago


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Well Jackalope is a mythical creature and is the same in English. But Isn't it 'cachalot' (Sperm Whale)

The rest:

And the Jackalope/Sperm Whale said " I would like to be a yeti to fly (or steal) in to the night And take myself away from here. But the Yeti said "I would like to be a sea monster, to be able to return to the sea with all the sharks"

4 years ago


Thank you :)

4 years ago