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"Ça fait deux heures que j'attends le bus."

Translation:I have been waiting for the bus for two hours.

April 4, 2020



I have been waiting for two hours for the bus

Why does Duo condider this word order is wrong?


Waiting two hours is the same as waiting for two hours. Duolingo is very pernickety here


There are so many ways this could be translated into English. Mine was "I've been waiting two hours for the bus" Seems more natural to me, but still marked wrong. Lighten up Duo!


I agree .Nothing wrong with my answer.The meaning is exactly the same!


I think that technically the translation is "that makes two hours that I've been waiting for the bus" It's the sort of thing we would say in Australia.


The audio on this one is pretty poor... I have enough trouble understanding French without dealing with a drunken Frenchman reading it.


I said, 'It's two hours I've been waiting for the bus' which I think works in English too. Not accepted.


"it's been 2 hours that Ive been waiting for the bus" accepted today 5/27/21

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