Serbian language course

I'd like to start a Serbian language course in the Language incubator, but first I want to ask... Is anyone interested to learn Serbian language?

News: I just applied for Serbian (Latin). I'm waiting for an answer. If we start with the project, I expect that you will join me. Upravo sam aplicirao za Srpski (Latinica). Čekam odgovor. Ukoliko krenemo sa projektom, očekujem da ćete mi se pridružiti.

July 17, 2014


I'd love to learn Serbian. Plus you bag Croatian, Montenegrin and Bosnian.

July 18, 2014

Learning Serbian you have learned Croatian, Montenegrin and Bosnian language at the same time. Bottom line, we all speak the same language

November 24, 2016

This is true. I just say I speak Yugoslavian, much how in Germany there are different dialects it is the same thing for us.

April 2, 2017

Not fully accurate. Jugoslavia as a state also had Slovenian and Macedonian, which are different languages. The latter for example is a dialect of Bulgarian.

October 8, 2017

Are you serious? Macedonian is not a dialect of Bulgarian!

October 8, 2017

oh boy.... the Macedonian/Bulgarian chestnut...

September 11, 2019

well not really Montenegrin is almost the same but not has some additional letters Croatian is like Montenegrin but has some words changed Bosnian also has changed words and is like montenegrin Serbian has a way of speaking with additional letter J in some words but is still difefrent from other

February 11, 2018

really good series of videos for people interested in getting a head start

October 1, 2016


October 4, 2016

Thank you! This is awesome

October 3, 2016

That is really good

July 26, 2016

Yes, I'd love to learn Serbian!Please add Cyrrilic alphabet too!!

January 29, 2015

I have been looking for a free resource for the SBC language family for a long time. So far, no one has shown interest, so this post excites me.

July 18, 2014

Po mom skromnom mišljenju najbolje bi bilo da kurs krene sa latinicom, a kasnije da se polako prebacuje na ćirilicu. Jednostavno cilj bi trebao da nam bude da privučemo što više ljudi da nauče ''naš'' jezik.Tako da bi možda BCS varijanta bila možda i najbolja. Pozdrav. I think that the best way to go with this course is to start with Latin alphabet and then slowly switch to Cyrillic alphabet. We want to attract as many people as possible to learn our language so maybe some kind of BCS language would be the best way to go. Best regards, sorry for my bad English.

January 26, 2015

Hey, your English is better than my Serbian! :) Govorim slabo...

October 20, 2016

I think it would be great if the course could start out with an introduction to both alphabets and then use them simultaneously throughout the rest of the course. Most dedicated learners can pick up a Cyrillic alphabet in a day, and the sooner it's introduced, the more they can practice while learning the language, thus increasing their Cyrillic reading speed while still learning the basics. I don't know if DuoLingo can do simultaneous scripts, but I do know that the Japanese course mixes three of four writing systems (including rōmaji) right from the start.

January 10, 2019

Sounds like a good idea. I'd be willing to help out with creating content, but I can't promise anything since I don't know how busy I'll be with school. If we get the ball rolling, hopefully more people will join in and help out.

July 18, 2014

Učim hrvatski (i mogu čitati srpsku ćirilicu), pa želim tečaj naučuti jezike (srpski ili hrvatski tečaj, mene ne briga, volim obojicu)

July 19, 2014

*Učim hrvatski (i mogu čitati srpsku ćirilicu), pa želim kurs i naučiti jezike (srpski ili hrvatski kurs, mene nije briga, volim oba).

July 21, 2014

Hvala :)

July 21, 2014

Ja sam se prijavio sinoć tj. doprineo sam tome i dobio sam odgovor. :) Siguran sam da će biti ovaj kurs, ali samo treba vremena i budemo strpljivi. ;) Ја сам се пријавио синоћ тј. допринео сам томе и добио сам одговор. :) Сигуран сам да ће бити овај курс, али само треба времена и будемо стрпљиви. ;) I applied last night ie. I contributed to it and I got the answer. :) I'm sure it will be this course, but just needs time and we be patient. ;)

March 24, 2015

I want to help! I am bilingual Serbian-English. My husband who is American is desperately trying to learn Serbian so he asked me to become a contributor if it ever becomes an option. Really it could be Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian etc. Pozdrav!

December 9, 2015

You are so fortunate being bilingual. I'm in Scotland and my late father was a Serb, but he was told by well-meaning friends that speaking Serbian would harm my ability to speak English…

I have managed to learn some Serbian out of books. My husband is very keen to learn Serbian so he can communicate when we visit relatives.

June 11, 2016

I would really love a Slavic (Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian) course on Duolingo. The beauty of those languages, is that if you speak on of them you can 'basically' speak and understand all three, or more. 3-birds-with-one-stone type of deal. I was born in Bosnian and came to the Sates in '99 as a refugee. Ever since then I've slowly been losing the ability to speak my native language with my family & friends, it's embarrassing.

You would think living in California you would have the diverse resources to pick up any language, but it has been a hard time finding a decent app or service that teaches the Slavic languages.

I'm absolutely in love with Duolingo, and how easy and fun it's been learning languages with it, and one day hope I can practice and perfect native language on it again :)

December 14, 2015

Било би лепо да имамо српски дуолинго исписан ћирилицом. То је наше писмо, наше обележје, по ћирилици нас препознају у свету. Добро је знати оба писма, али је још боље знати и чувати своје корене, своју посебност.

February 14, 2016

Кириллица - истинное письмо Сербии! Привет из России.

June 12, 2018

I think that it would be really cool if Duolingo made a separate Cyrillic course so that people who want to learn languages using the Cyrillic alphabet, they can have a course which will introduce them to the letters and the sounds, and people can practice on there.

July 18, 2014

That's true. Though there are at least two major types of cyrillic since the Serbian/Macedonian cyrillic alphabet doesn't have certain characters that the Russian cyrillic (also for the most part used by other former Soviet countries and Bulgaria) alphabet has.

February 1, 2016

Yes, they are different. Even within the east slavic group. I'm no speaker of any of those languages, but from what I know many turkic langugaes use the cyrillic alphabet too, and there the characters are even more distinct. In my opinion integrating the language's alphabet into its own language course would be better.

May 25, 2016

Frankly the cyrillic alphabets of slavic languages are not so different than cyrillic alphabets of Turkic languages. I am russian but I can easily read Serbian or Bulgarian. For that I need to know only few new letters or another meaning of some letters, for example ъ and щ in Bulgarian or ђ, ј, љ, њ, ћ, џ in Serbian. In Turkic languages there are more differences between cyrillic alphabets but I believe that if you know one of them others will be easier to understood others as the differences related to the languages differences. I think that most letters have same meaning. But if we look to latin alphabets there are variety of ways how to read one letter in different words(English, French) and huge difference how to read them in different languages (Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian). And it means that anyway you need to learn how to read on each new language again even if you already know cyrillic or latin. It's much harder if you need to learn from scratch totally different one.

July 28, 2016

I would like to learn Serbian language also!!!!

February 10, 2015

I'd love to help develop the Serbian course when the project is started!

November 7, 2015

I would love to learn Serbian! I worked with several for a couple of years and enjoyed the phrases they taught me. I still keep in touch and learning my friends' language would be wonderful.

December 9, 2015

I'd be willing to help as a contributor.

February 1, 2016

Me too!

July 4, 2017

Ja mogu da pomognem kursu kada krene. Cao :D

( I can help the course when it starts. Bye :D )

May 7, 2016

Aleksa, please sign up for this using the official channels. The explanation is here It is very important that as many people as possible go and sign up to encourage them opening a serbian (or serbo/croatian) course.

May 8, 2016

I already signed up, but thank you anyway :D

May 8, 2016

Any news? As a Russian speaker I'd love to learn Serbian.

September 23, 2016


July 17, 2014

I like the idea,actually wanted to suggest the same thing. Pozdrav. :)

July 18, 2014

My great grandfather was from Yugoslavia. I would like to learn Serbian or Croatian. How can we make this a thing?

November 11, 2014

My dad is from Yugoslavia, but he was too busy working while I was growing up to teach me. It's nearly impossible to find a Serbian teacher around. I wish they had it here.

May 26, 2015

I can recommend Suzana Andjelkovic (Suzana Anđelković) on Italki for you for a language teacher.

June 9, 2016

I would love this! I need it actually. im convinced that duo lingo is the only way i can learn another language, and Serbian is high on my list. Please I hope this comes through!

December 18, 2014

Yes please add srpski. ucim ali mnogo tesko.

January 28, 2015

Support! Maybe we should make a new discussion and get everyone to upvote it? I think there just has to be enough demand for them to add a new language.

March 2, 2015

When is the serbian language course ready? I would love to learn.

April 3, 2015

I will definitely join you. I will contribute as much as I can. My dad speaks fluently and I speak a little so we would love to contribute. I would learn so much on the way. There's already plenty of people interested in contributing. If you start, we can probably have this rolled out in a few years. Počnimo ovo!

June 11, 2015

I'd love to see a Serbian course. I lived in Serbia for 6 months. And would have loved to know more than Ja ne govorim srpski.

November 21, 2015

As one user, Druden, stated, "I feel like there is tension in the incubator as far as which language (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/ Montenegrin) to teach. I hope the Duolingo enthusiasts from the four former Yugoslav republics can put their political differences aside and let the artist formerly known as Serbo-Croatian stand up! I'd like to start reading Milorad Pavic, so for that reason I'm looking forward to learning Serbian!"

Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. If all the Duo users and enthusiasts were to merge together and collaborate on putting the technical, political terminology of the language aside, it would become popular, easier to contribute, and more likely to go into incubator. In my opinion, I would hate to see people make a big fuss on what the language should be called (such as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin). I think a better, fair way to title this language can be (Serbo-Croat-Bosnian or Yugoslavic or Slavic) which I prefer since it correlates to all four sub-dialect. One issue is, however, what alphabets will it be in. Majority of Croatia, Bosnia use Latin alphabet while Majority of Serbia uses Cyrillic alphabet. I understand this should be a conflict of interest. Aside from the alphabet question, I believe there should be no other conflicts of interest. Again, my main point here is that they should be all be merged together as one language rather than separate sub-dialect languages.. They may all be different dialects, but it doesn't make it a different language. All the dialects could be included as there is always more than one way to say something. Can't wait for this to be solved and done. GO SLAVIC. HAJMO SLAVIC.

Another user, meSanti, stated this below perfectly so don't give those "It's two different language" excuses. No where is that ever stated from a unbiased, linguistic viewpoint. You only see these excuses from biased, and purely political viewpoints.

"To call Serbian and Croatian different languages just because "some" words are not the same makes no sense whatsoever. Following that exact same logic, the people from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc, etc they all speak different languages. The same goes for the 20 countries where Spanish is an official language, they all speak different languages. It's absurd. The root of the "Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are different languages" is purely political and has no basis in linguistics. They are simply dialects of the same language, i.e. varieties of a language that is a characteristic of a particular group of the language's speakers. Regardless of the name you wish to use, it would a waste of resources to create 2 or 3 separate courses, one for each dialect of the same language."

October 19, 2016

I would argue that even the alphabets should not be a problem as even right now you can do Russian for example both in Cyrillic and Latin (for people who don't have the appropriate keyboard)

October 19, 2016

It should not be a problem. It definitely is not a problem for me for as I can read both Latin and Cyrillic. I am just saying that it would be understandable if people were to fuss or argue on whether Duo should make this in course in Latin or Cyrillic. I am not sure nor do I think it is possible to have it in both alphabets. For example, in Russian, you have to know the Cyrillic alphabet, in Hebrew, you have to know the Hebrew alphabets. You can't write in Latin in both. I don't know what the case will be for this language.

October 19, 2016

What I was referring to was that for Russian on Duolingo you can use both alphabets even though only one is official. This tells me that it is technically possible to implement multiple alphabets for the same language. So in the Serbo-Croatian you propose it should not be an issue as people that want to learn Croatian user the Latin alphabet and those learning Serbian use the Cyrillic. Also since there is 1-1 correspondence between characters the simplest script should be able to switch between the two.

October 19, 2016

Definitely NOT "Slavic", because this is too broad of a definition, including too many other more distantly related languages. "Jugoslovenski" would do better, but again, in Jugoslavia we had Slovenian and Macedonian too, which are different languages. So, one should stick to the good old Serbo-Croatian. Is it technically challenging to duplicate the course-to-be in two versions: Cyrillic and Latin? The one would be demanded by those used to Cyrillic or aiming at using the lingo in the official Serbian settings, the other - for Westerners.

October 8, 2017

Is it technically challenging to duplicate the course-to-be in two versions: Cyrillic and Latin? The one would be demanded by those used to Cyrillic or aiming at using the lingo in the official Serbian settings, the other - for Westerners.

October 8, 2017

Serbian is among the three languages I'd like to learn most. Count my vote!

June 26, 2017

Anyone knows why Serbian is not on Duolingo? It seems there is a lot of interest around this language! Thanks!

September 25, 2018

Molim vas uradite ovo. Jako bi hteo da poboljsam svoj Srpski da bi mogo da razgovaram sa porodicom u Srbiji. Mislim da mozete da kombinujete latinicu i crilicu pa da korisnik izabere ali sad sto pomislim mogu hrvati da naprave svoju kursu, samo more da pise da se razumu i drugaciji ljudi ce da izaberu koju verziju hoce. Ali bilo bi lepo da nije tolko tehnicki kao u glavnom komentaru, to me samo nervira i jedino cujem na vestima, ne iz usta drugih Srba :L

October 25, 2014

*"Molim vas, uradite ovo. Jako bih hteo da poboljšam svoj srpski da bih mogao da razgovaram sa porodicom u Srbiji. Mislim da možete da kombinujete latinicu i ćirilicu, pa da korisnik izabere, ali sad što pomislim, mogu Hrvati da naprave svoj kurs, samo može da piše, da se razumeju i drugačiji ljudi će da izaberu koju verziju hoće. Ali bilo bi lepo da nije toliko tehnički, kao u glavnom komentaru, to me samo nervira i jedino čujem na vestima, ne iz usta drugih Srba". :)

November 18, 2014

Yes, please add Serbian to the Duolingo Language incubator!!

January 20, 2015

Agreed! My parents are Serbian but never had time to teach me growing up! I want to learn so so bad!

March 21, 2015

My dad is Serbian but never had a chance to teach me it so i would love to have this course!

June 11, 2015

I would definitely be interested in learning. The way I see it is a good gateway to master some of the Cyrillic alphabet, plus Serbia is close to Greece and a very good destination so it will come handy sooner or later.

June 20, 2015

Yes! Serbian. Use both alphabets like the new Russian course does. Ja Ljubjam srpski. (Is that right, I can't remember?)

November 22, 2015

Ја волим српски(Ja volim srpski) :)

December 3, 2015

Hmm, I haven't seen Russian course as I'm native. Is it in latin only in begining or you can use it till the end? Because in my opinion it can help you to start but you definitely have to know cyrillic if you want to travel to Russia. Of cause in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg you can find some transliteration of subway stations or streets names but mostly everything will be in cyrillic.

July 28, 2016

I learnt the alphabet first ( was bored one day so I learnt the Serbian alphabet so the transition to the Russian alphabet was really easy). In the course you can choose to have Latin or cycrllic at any point, I believe. I agree, as with any language, you really should know the script. I'm putting my Russian learning on hold for now, but If I want to write notes to myself I write in English or German using the Russian alphabet!

Будьте здоровы!

July 28, 2016

ja I learn Serbian !!!

December 29, 2015

I would love that!!

February 22, 2016

If you are interested in seeing this language on duolingo, and you are fluent in reading/writing SBC language, please sign up as a contributor! I'm not fluent, or I would. I would like to continue learning. But contributors are needed!!

May 9, 2016

I'd love to know how, though.

July 4, 2017

Yes i would love to take a serbian language course

May 11, 2016

Yes, I am interested!

May 23, 2016

I'd love to learn Serbian as well. Latin is fine, but I think Cyrillic could be added as bonus skill

May 26, 2016

I would love to learn Serbian on Duolingo, I hope you guys will eventually create the course :) I would also prefer it to use the cyrillic alphabet.

May 31, 2016

i'd like to have a Serbian course

June 8, 2016

I know some Serbian, but would love the chance to practice. My husband wants to learn Serbian from scratch, so that makes two more people who want to learn. :)

June 11, 2016

I would love to learn Serbian!

July 18, 2016

Absolutely! I joined Duolingo to learn Serbian because my wife is from Belgrade, but I was disappointed to find that it was not available. Instead, I have refreshed some old high school French and LOVE Duolingo. I hope you can introduce any Balkan language to start.

July 21, 2016

there is a balkan language, Greek :)

February 17, 2019

I'd like to see a Serbian course

July 23, 2016

I would love to help you create a course for Serbian!

July 26, 2016

I speak serbian because my parents are from serbia and it is a great language to learn and speak.

September 11, 2016

Still really wishing for a Serbian course! Please duolingo!

October 4, 2016

I would love that duolingo gives classes spanish-serbian or spanish-serbocroatian!

October 8, 2016

I really want to learn Serbian. My cousins are serbian, they're about 4 and almost bilingual. I dont want to be left out

October 16, 2016

i'm very interested for the Serbian Language. ja pricam malo srpski and i would like to impriove skill on this language. So go ahead if you are still interested.

October 21, 2016


November 8, 2016

My girlfriend has been begging for this.

December 30, 2016

It would be really great if Serbian language course will start soon... It is good for people who want to learn Serbian language, as same as for Serbian speakers how wanna learn other languages from Serbian

January 2, 2017

This is a great idea! What is the status of the course? I'm eagerly awaiting this. Please develop!

January 15, 2017

Yes i would love to learn serbian

January 16, 2017

I would like to learn serbian

January 17, 2017

VERY interested in a Serbian language class with the latin alphabet. Please. Hvala puno.

February 2, 2017

I'm an American living in Serbia, and I would love it if there were a Serbian course. It would be a huge help to me.

February 18, 2017

There really needs to be a Serbian language course!!

February 19, 2017

please do this.

February 25, 2017

At this point it has become painfully obvious that it doesn't really matter how many people want this - Duolingo ain't doing it.

February 27, 2017

Is there a discussion on creating a English course for Serbo-Croatian native speakers? I'm interested in contributing

March 28, 2017

Yes I am interested

April 16, 2017

I am very interested in this.

April 19, 2017

I am interested in learning Serbian. If this is still a thing I will support it.

April 21, 2017

Any progress, here? I know at least a few people who'd love to see Serbian available on Duolingo.

April 26, 2017

It would be great to learn Serbian. It's a beautiful language and since I know Polish i'd probably already have a head start.

April 28, 2017

i am very interested

May 4, 2017

Yay I'd love to learn Serbian! :D

May 5, 2017

I would be very interested in learning Serbian. My Dad was born in Travnik (then Serbia, now Bosnia), so he helps me learn some. I think it would be a nice opportunity to learn the language. I could even help contribute to the course if there is one in development. Could someone please tell me when there is an update on the subject? Thanks!

May 6, 2017

I'd really like to have a Serbian course, I hope they make it when they have the time

June 6, 2017


June 9, 2017

We desperately need this. Trying to learn the language with Memrise is BOOOOOOOOOOORING

July 22, 2017

I'm Serbian and I would really like them to add Serbian too. I am having no problems on norwegian, japanese, english, serbian, or french either, but my mom is, so I would really like her to learn english. She can only speak Serbain and Norwegian. :3 ❤❤❤

July 25, 2017

I always wanted to learn Serbian, and I would love to see it on Duolingo.

October 20, 2017

VERY interested in a Serbo-Croatian course. I grew up in a Yugoslav household but only have a rudimentary verbal grasp of the language with no formal grammatical knowledge. However, my base is such that a Duolingo type class would be perfect to supplement and expand my ability. My suggestion would be to do so in latin text. I read cyrillic but i think most people come to duo lingo for conversational ability not to read and write so cyrillic would needlessly exclude people.

January 11, 2018

Similar situation here. My grasp of cyrillic is poor, my language grasp is basic. Most existing intermediate to advanced courses are hard to find or awful. Duolingo is the best thing since Rosetta Stone, and actually my favorite language software (including Rosetta Stone). I just NEED a Serbian course! It's killin me!

January 12, 2018

Guys, if you want to start a slavic language, start here! With Serbian you will be understood all over the Balkans and in other slavic countries as well. Plus, you'll know the cyrillic and latin alphabet, as Serbian uses both. However, I think that Serbian in the latin script is a bad idea, because creating a Croatian course after would be extremely unpractical. Either make a Serbo-Croatian macrolanguage course or a Serbian cyrillic one.

January 29, 2018

I already am Serbian, but I meant that it would be necessary for Serbian speakers to learn English, and also Englishmen could learn to speak Serbian.

January 29, 2018

If everyone here would go to the incubator website

and fill in the fields maybe something may change.... more than three years later

March 12, 2018

I agree. We should all make requests through the application until someone's is approved. Then if it works we can come back here and gather up the volunteers and build the thing!

March 12, 2018

Želim da učim srpski

July 28, 2018

I don't think I'd go the whole way through (I'm struggling with two languages as it is), but I'd try to pick up a bit, as my wife's family is Croatian, and I gather they're very very close. Are you thinking you'd do it with the Latin alphabet or Cyrillic?

July 17, 2014

Yeah, I'm Croatian and except for a few words here and there, we can understand each other without any problems. Standard versions of Croatian and Serbian are very similar. You can see the differences here:,_Croatian_and_Serbian

July 18, 2014

Most likely they would teach latin, since it's much more common on the internet. Although they could give both or add an extra skill for ćirilica

July 19, 2014

Croatian course should be in the Latin alphabet and Serbian in the Cyrillic, in my opinion. There are two reasons: Cyrillic is the officially script in Serbia according to the Serbian constitution and it was traditional alphabet there and a part of its culture.

July 20, 2014

I'd like to see a Serbian language course....

July 17, 2014

Me too

July 26, 2016

Me three!

June 28, 2017

Me four!

December 1, 2017

me five: Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Bosnian and Srb-Cro

February 11, 2018

Thank you all for your answers. I think it's much better to go with the Latin alphabet. The easier it will be for learning. And those who want to learn the Cyrillic alphabet will easily after just learn how to read. It is important to know the meaning of that word.

July 18, 2014

Ja mislim da je bolje da bude na ćirilici, zato što je ona glavna. Sva dokumenta su napisana ćiriličnim pismom. Po meni je još bolje ako bi moglo da bude na oba pisma.

Ја мислим да је боље да буде на ћирилици, зато што је она главна. Сва документа су написана ћириличним писмом. По мени је још боље ако би могло да буде на оба писма.

October 11, 2014

I ja mislim da je bolje da bude na oba

July 26, 2016

Ja nebi tako rekla. Cirilica je mnogo teza za obicni ljudi, jedino ako znaju vec ❤❤❤❤❤ ili Grcki. Kao sto je neko rek'o.. mnogo je lakse da naucis latinski da mozes da razumes Srpski i onda nije tesko da naucis cirilicu ako hoces.

February 1, 2016

Ali svakako stranci znaju latinicu... A ćiriliću moraju da nauče, a latinicu mogu kristiti u svakodnevnom životu... Zato bi po meni trebao da bude pisan ćirilicom... To je k'o da učiš japanski, ali ne naučiš kanji nego samo romanizovana slova ili hiraganu...

May 10, 2016

U pravu si bolje glavno na ćirilici, ali da bude na oba latinica za one pocetnice

July 26, 2016

Totally agree. If someone comes to Serbian on Duolingo with no history of learning it and gets really into it, learning Cyrillic letters later will actually be easier as you can use your knowledge of the words to fill in letters as you are learning the script.

January 11, 2018

Na oba, definitivno. Mada ne znam kako bi to izveli.

July 4, 2017

I think realistically most people coming to Duolingo will not need Cyrillic and it adds a barrier to the amount of people who will come to the language. Also, in my experience with Duolingo, learning a new script with the platform is not good. I'm going through the Hebrew course now and it's only because I studied it formally in class that I can make my way through it. I gave up on Russian, even though many letters and sounds are similar to Serbian Cyrillic, because figuring out the typing and the spelling was too time consuming.

January 11, 2018

I'd prefer the latin alphabet as well. I would find it easier to learn cyrillic later on, if I needed to. But getting proficient in the spoken language would be much faster for me with the latin style.

January 12, 2018

I understand, but disagree about the alphabet. I finished Duolingo Greek about months ago, and I LOVE the exclusive alphabet.

Greek makes little sense without the Greek alphabet. Although it is more a personal taste for me, I want to learn Cyrillic alphabet for the languages: Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, etc.

May 13, 2018

The Hebrew course, unlike the Russian, Greek and Japanese courses, doesn't really bother about teaching us the letters first and it's really awful when it comes to Latin input.

June 6, 2018

I am learning Greek and Hebrew on duolingo and Arabic on other systems. You learn an alphabet easier than you think. It is intimidating because it is different. It is the language that takes the work. Better to study in the most common alphabet. For Serbo-Croation I like those who suggest both. Russian already does this.

June 24, 2018

Možda da može učenik da odluči ako hoče da vidi na latinici ili na ćirilici, kao što može na kursu Ruskog da se vidi ili ćirilica ili transliteracija.

I think that the student should be able to choose whether they want to see Latin or Cyrillic script, like what there already is for Russian (where the Cyrillic or the transliteration can be seen).

December 1, 2016

I noticed with German, that one word can have 3 to 4 meanings (some even up to 10!). This also works in the other direction; one meaning can apply to multiple words. This seems like the way SCB works, with the mutual intellegibility coming from the use of most common words, with some exceptions (if that makes sense). As a course developer, I would suggest building a team of different language backgrounds or knowledge bases. For example, if you could find people that speak the Serbian and Croatian dialects, and have them contribute words that are not mutually intelligible (sto v sta, I believe), that would help learners get a grasp of the language.

For example, in the German lessons, alternate translations are often suggested when you get a question correct, or if you get it wrong, sometimes 2 or 3 correct options are given. This is based on the regional dialects and colloquialisms of Germany (Bavaria v Hamburg). I believe this would be a useful feature for those of us that are interested in SCB.

July 18, 2014

The štokavian dialects are mutually intelligible. But, the kaj dialect is not mutually intelligible with the što or ča dialects, and neither is the ča dialect mutually intelligible with the others. They really should be considered separate languages, and not dialects. Also, the kaj/ča/što thing is confined to Croatia, they don't bleed into other countries (except in Austrian Burgenland, Hungarian Burgenland, and Czech Burgenland, in which they speak an archaic čakavština dialect.)

For example:

što dialect: Što raditi ćeš? Dolazim vlakom u vinograd

(serbian šta translation: Šta ćeš raditi? Dolazim vozom u vinograd (Шта ћеш радити? Долазим возом у виноград.))

kaj dialect: Kaj buš delal? Dojdem cugom v trsje

Ča dialect: Ča ćeš delat? Dohajan feratun va brojdu.

(EDIT: Gah, Duolingo seriously needs to revamp its fonts for Cyrillic...)

(EDIT 2: Fixed corrections, thanks for the corrections hkis!)

July 19, 2014

"što dialect: Što raditi ćeš? Dolazim vlakom u vinograd" Što ćeš radit*
You just messed up the word order a bit.

"(serbian šta translation: Šta raditi ćeš? Dolazim vozom u vinograd" Same thing here.

"kaj dialect: Kaj buš dielal? Dojm cugom v trsje" Kaj/ke buš delal*? Dolazim/dojdem cugom h/v trsje Dielal sounds very rustic or "countrified". Most people say delal. You can also shorten ke buš to ke'š. I've never even heard of "dojm" and I live in a Kajkavian-speaking area. There's a lot of variety just in Kajkavian though and I can't even understand some Kajkavian speakers all that well, so I guess it could be correct. You got cugom and trsje completely right though, good job.(btw. cug=Zug in German, there's plenty of Germanisms in Kajkavian)

"Ča dialect: Ča delat ćeš? Dohajan feratun va brojdu." I don't really know this dialect, so I can't comment on it, except for word order in the first sentence. You can probably guess, it's the same as before, ćeš comes before delat.

July 20, 2014

You should also contribute. With people of this caliber, the beta course should be released in no time ;)

July 20, 2014

The compliments are undeserved, but appreciated. I guess I'll apply if people are interested in learning the language.

July 20, 2014

Hvala :D This is why I'm still learning Croatian and Kajkavian. Added your corrections.

About "dojm" I learned "dojti" and had no idea how to decline it, so I just wrote "dojm" but had a feeling that it was completely different. I am sure that it is "dojdem".

About Čakavština: I had no resources for the grammar except for a declinations sheet, so I assumed it was the same except for those declinations and -n instead of -m for the first person conjugation. I found the vocabulary on this site "" which claims to be a crowd-sourced dictionary of the istrian ča dialects.

July 20, 2014

Nema na čemu. Ako imaš bilo kakvih pitanja o jeziku, slobodno pitaj.

July 20, 2014

It seems like you are very well versed in this language family. You should apply to contribute to the SCB course!

July 20, 2014

Yeah definitely. Serbocroatian is certainly a language based heavily on context. The same word has many meanings but you come to automatically know which meaning it is based on the context of the sentence.

February 1, 2016

It would be my pleasure to help. :)

December 4, 2014

Ima li kakvih novosti o ubacivanju kursa u inkubator? Ja sam se opet prijavila i dobila isti odgovor. Znam da verovatno postoji odredjeni broj koliko kurseva moze da bude u jednom trenutku, ali bih bas volela da krenemo sa radom na srpskom :)

February 13, 2015

Želim kurz na srpskom! Ućim srpski ali trebam pomoć!

May 26, 2015

[deactivated user]

    As ukrainian I'd like to see Serbian on cyrillic-based alphabet. But as future learner i want it on that alphabet that is more used by serbians

    July 7, 2015

    I'd gladly help with this; I'm a native speaker of a dialect that was spoken by Serbs in Croatia before the war. I think it would be completely unnecessary for the course to be in Cyrillic; it would only limit the usefulness of the course to Serbians, when the standard languages of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro are virtually the same. It took me less than a week to master Cyrillic, so that can just be a skill on the ladder or something.

    November 12, 2015

    I am making Serbian lessons, so check them out, if you want: :)

    May 11, 2016

    I kada bi izašao srpski?

    May 17, 2016

    would love to learn greek, arabic, serbian, Lithuanian and croatian

    June 1, 2016

    Serbian with both Cyrillic and Latin script, please! :)

    p.s. I think it makes no sense to learn only Latin script, since the official script of Serbian language is Cyrillic by constitution, lots of stuff in Serbia are written in Cyrillic anyway and it makes it nice if you can show that Serbian is the only language with 1-to-1 mapping from Cyrillic to Latin Script. :)

    September 11, 2016

    I would like to contribute to the course since I am native Serbian speaker. Želeo bih da doprinesem kursu s obzirom da mi je Srpski maternji jezik.

    September 16, 2016

    Please add this! 2 years this has been up, and it's not in the incubator yet :( Maybe there aren't as many people who want to learn as say, French, but there are next to no resources (next to just moving to Belgrade or something), let alone good ones for those that DO. This is such an amazing resource. What needs to happen for this to get going? Should I go wrangle all the Serbian speakers I know and send them this way? My boyfriend has tried teaching me things, and I have definitely picked up a few words, but I just basically speak English with Serbian words, because I don't understand the structure. At least he's amused :)

    Can't wait!

    October 3, 2016

    Thank you for a nice letter. Other than giving you a lingot, I can't help much :). I have applied (several times) to volunteer for the incubator but I heard nothing. I also messaged duolingo through twitter with no luck. There was also a poll here ( where many people voted Serbian but no luck :(

    October 3, 2016


    November 10, 2016

    I'm no native nor do I know any lick of Serbian but I hear that it's difficult to work with because you have Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin dialects all in one package and, again, from what I've heard, they don't get along well in translation. However, if it's manageable, I've love to learn it. It's a very beautiful language and it'd be exciting to see it available on Duo.

    November 29, 2016

    I think Croatian is different enough to have a different course. As a Montenegrin, the old school "Serbo-croatian" was so alien to me and felt a lot more Croatian. (Nothing against Croatia, just not the dialect I'm going for.) And Bosnia has really been differentiating as well. But even Belgrade (Beograd) Serbian is close enough for me.

    February 18, 2017

    I'd also like to learn Serbian (or one of the related languages/dialects formerly grouped as Serbo-Croatian).

    Zelim da ucim Srpski :)

    January 7, 2017

    Боље је да се нас неколико договори да се направи сајт за учење нашег или да принесемо своје знање другим компанијама. Људи па ово је компанија која се налази у САД-у, а тамо нас у медијима приказују као најгоре терористе који угрожавају животе "невиним" шиптарима и усташама. Нису луди да угрозе своју репутацију тамо, а и онако би изашао монтенегрински (црногорски) пре српског.

    July 5, 2017

    I would really like them to add Serbian to Duolingo. It would be nice for my mom to learn English, she is Serbian (like me), and she can only speak Serbian and Norwegian and just a little bit of English, but cannot hard words and expressions... (etc.) :3 ❤❤❤

    July 25, 2017

    Srbski je moj ježik, ali ne žnam kako da se priča i kako da se piše. Ja sam (interesovan) da se učim. Ja ražomem puno šta ljudi kaže (ako priča polako) i ja ražomem puno šta ljudi pisati ako latinsko azboka upotreba.

    Did anyone understand at all, I wonder, haha! here is what I was TRYING to say...

    Serbian is my mother tongue but I do not know how to speak it well, or even how to write it properly. I'm interested in learning. I understand most spoken Serbian (especially if people speak slowly) and have a fairly easy time making sense of texts using the latin alphabet.

    Sadly it will probably be years until Serbian is added as a course here, so I have started looking into studying one of our "brother tongues" while waiting, many are already on Duo.

    October 20, 2017

    Svaka cast!

    Samo, pise se "jezik", zato sto ako napises "ježik", onda zvuci kao da si napisao "jezhik" ili tako nesto...

    Congrats! Its just that, it's written "jezik", not "ježik" because if you write "ježik", then its pronounced as "jezhik" or something like that...

    Mistakes/Greske: kažu Razumem pričaju polako pišu latinska azbuka ako latinska azbuka se koristi*

    January 29, 2018

    I'm very interested to learn Serbian language, I like it a lot

    August 1, 2018

    I would like it if there was a Serbian section!

    August 11, 2018

    I have always wanted to learn Serbian!

    August 17, 2018

    Yes please

    August 23, 2018

    I would like to be added to the headcount of voters to start this new course on Duo. Sorry I can not contribute as I have no prior knowledge of the language. I feel a bit pessimistic though as this discussion was started 4 years ago (today is the last day of August in 2018) and it is still not a reality.

    August 31, 2018

    Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a discriminatory situation considering the support and lack of activity. I mean... elvish and klingon have been made. Meanwhile, serbian, not making any progress.

    August 31, 2018

    I've read that a lot of the duolingo courses are made entirely by volunteers rather than employees of the company (who focus more on language preservation and increasing the capacity of the platform through languages with different alphabets etc) which I'd say is the primary reason that this hasn't yet happened.

    August 31, 2018

    The part about volunteers is true. However, I'm pretty sure there were enough volunteers for Serbian course throughout the years. It's similar for my mother tongue (Slovak) - I volunteered together with several other native speakers (definitely more than it'd be required) many months ago, but we haven't got any response from Duolingo staff to this day. It seems to me that some languages are simply more attractive than the others. And, unfortunately, both Serbian and Slovak are supposedly not among the attractive ones.

    August 31, 2018

    I’d love to learn Serbian

    October 9, 2018

    Was this course ever created. I would enroll.

    October 18, 2018

    No never you have it on mango app and it free if you have library card

    October 18, 2018

    YES!! PLEASE!!!

    November 9, 2018

    I've said the same on the HR post - can we pull all three B, SR & HR together? The votes are being split!

    January 9, 2019

    I am extremely interested!

    January 14, 2019

    I would love to learn Serbian :D

    February 9, 2019

    I want to learn Serbian so that I can communicate with my boyfriend's family :( Come on Duo!

    April 2, 2019

    Have you heard from them yet?

    September 25, 2014

    Pridruzicemo se :) Bili bi odlicno da imamo i kurs Srpskog jezika,sve jedno da li je Cirilica ili Latinica.U Srbiji se ravnopravno koriste oba pisma.I verovatno je lakse prvo nauciti jezik pomocu Latinice jer je ona skoro svima poznata.

    September 27, 2014

    Hi everybody! Does anyone have any information about how can somebody contribute to a Serbian course? Cause I would be glad to help :)

    November 19, 2014

    I would love to learn Serbian. My long term girlfriend is Serbian and I travel there fairly regularly. It would mean a lot to her if I learned and it would be great to be able to communicate with all her family members and get around a bit more on my own.

    November 19, 2014

    Yes, my boyfriend is in the same situation like you :) But if anyone finds out, let me know how it can be done....

    November 21, 2014

    Yes please, I would like to learn Serbian. Good luck with your efforts, and thank you!

    December 1, 2014


    December 3, 2014

    I'd like to improve my Serbian language skills.

    December 10, 2014

    Ja sam poslala e mail, ali mi još nisu odgovorili. Da li se zna hoće li se početi sa kursom srpkog? Ako hoće, ja svakako želim da pomognem, samo mi javite :)

    December 22, 2014

    I would definitely be interested. I've been hoping for a Serbian language course since I started using Duolingo.

    January 12, 2015

    I'd love to learn serbian!!!

    January 21, 2015
    • 2204

    Did you get an answer? I'd really love to learn Serbian.

    February 6, 2015

    I feel like there is tension in the incubator as far as which language (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/ Montenegrin) to teach. I hope the Duolingo enthusiasts from the four former Yugoslav republics can put their political differences aside and let the artist formerly known as Serbo-Croatian stand up! I'd like to start reading Milorad Pavic, so for that reason I'm looking forward to learning Serbian!

    February 16, 2015

    Haha that's always the ultimate question, isn't it? I think they can be fairly well grouped together as long as you provide the alternative translations/spellings. Only certain dialects of Croatian can be quite different, otherwise the rest are basically just a question of accent (like with New York vs. Southern for the U.S.A.)

    February 1, 2016

    Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. If all the Duo users and enthusiasts were to merge together and collaborate on putting the technical, political terminology of the language aside, it would become popular, easier to contribute, and more likely to go into incubator. In my opinion, I would hate to see people make a big fuss on what the language should be called (such as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin). I think a better, fair way to title this language can be (Serbo-Croat or Yugoslavic or Slavic) which I prefer since it correlates to all four sub-dialect. One issue is, however, what alphabets will it be in. Majority of Croatia, Bosnia use Latin alphabet while Majority of Serbia uses Cyrillic alphabet. I understand this should be a conflict of interest. Aside from the alphabet question, I believe there should be no other conflicts of interest. Can't wait for this to be solved and done. GO SLAVIC. HAJMO SLAVIC.

    October 19, 2016

    I'd say stick with Latin. All Serbs learn both Cyrillic and Latin in school, so it really shouldn't be an issue.

    October 20, 2016

    Yes, I would like. What is the status ?

    March 7, 2015

    Hvala mu lepa, YES PLEASE

    March 15, 2015


    March 18, 2015

    I'd love to improve my Serbian. Any news on the application?

    March 20, 2015

    I would also really appreciate a Serbian addition to duolingo. I studied this for a couple of weeks some time ago, and would like to get back into it through the app

    April 4, 2015

    Add me to the list of those interested!

    June 5, 2015

    I'm interested.

    June 6, 2015


    July 3, 2015

    Is this going to happen? I would love to learn Serbian.

    September 13, 2015

    Rado bih voleo da pomognem. Da li se zna kada ce poceti projekat?

    September 13, 2015

    Definitely interested!

    October 11, 2015

    Yes please I would love that!

    October 17, 2015

    RUSSIAN CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    November 3, 2015

    i think yours is a valid statement. i was in Slovenia recently and a bookstore sign reads: kiniga which sounds identical as Russian.
    But most of us having Latin ab keyboards would prefer samo keyboard input...

    July 7, 2017

    I'd like to learn it too :)

    November 18, 2015

    Ja sam takođe voljna da pomognem u pravljenju srpskog kursa, prijavila sam se još odavno, i baš jedva čekam da dođe do toga ...

    I mislim da bi trebalo da se omogući da bude na oba pisma i Ćirilici i Latinici :) jer se realno i jedno i drugo koristi. A olakšalo bi posao ljudima koji imaju latiničnu tastaturu (a ima nas većina).

    November 21, 2015

    Serbian or Croatian +1

    January 29, 2016


    February 28, 2016

    I would be very interested. Please do!

    March 7, 2016

    I would like to learn Serbian :)

    March 26, 2016

    What is happening with this I desperately wish to learn

    April 13, 2016

    yeah! that would be great! it would be cool since I am half Serbian myself! I was planning to learn but the site didn't have it! I hope we get it eventually! bye! cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

    April 29, 2016

    I would love a Serbian course. There a few good resources to learn Serbian online and adding this course would cover Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin.

    May 5, 2016

    I'd like to learn Serbian, too. Are there any updates on the creation of such a course?

    May 9, 2016

    I would love to learn Serbian!

    May 9, 2016

    any news? does anyone know anything that could help? the author of this post hasn't posted anything for a year now.. how can we find out more about duolingo's plans for a serbian course?

    June 30, 2016

    I'd love to learn Serbian as well as contribute to the course

    July 9, 2016

    I am definitely very interested.

    July 10, 2016

    I am from Serbia

    July 26, 2016

    I'm looking to learn Serbia-Croatian as I've started hanging out with friends from this region. Is there a good resource you can think of?

    August 27, 2016

    I'd love it!

    September 13, 2016

    I am serbian.

    September 15, 2016

    Yes! Any of the Ex-Yugoslavian languages would be great. I would love to learn Srpsko-Hrvatski and also Bosnian. I know there is no real difference between them but that this is changing because of politics and the countries are trying to make their languages more nationalised (Avion vs zrakoplov, for example). Although the history of the region is really interesting, I'm not really interested in the politics of how the languages are being reconstructed to fit the new nations, I'd just like to learn the beautiful language you all speak in the Balkans.

    Seeing as Duo has now started Klingon in the Incubator, surely we could have Serbo-Croat as an option? I mean people still speak Serbian and Croatian, but who the hell speaks Kilingon?!!! Can't someone propose to at least start a course in Serbo-Croatian (one that includes both alphabets) so that we can learn this language?

    October 4, 2016

    Great comments. However, other than by keeping this thread alive and active, I don't know of any other mechanism. Many people around here (including myself) have signed up as contributors. I was even proposing creation of a "Phase 0" in the incubator that anyone could open and only after certain amount of valid contribution that it would be considered for graduation into phase one. That would reward the most enthusiastic crowds. Keep the discussion going and let's hope for the best :)

    October 4, 2016

    I am looking forward to this course!

    October 29, 2016

    Trying to keep the discussion "live". One idea I had to propose to duolingo is to let enthusiast start at a "0" level beta. They just need to provide a platform. Then, only if people that signed up are serious enough the course "graduates" into a real beta 1 incubator. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to pitch this to the people in power?

    January 11, 2017

    No but I would be interested in participating in making that happen.

    February 18, 2017

    Ја сам такође аплицирала, волела бих да се покрене курс српског језика овде на Дуолингу, али мислим да би најбоље било да буде на ћирилици, ипак је то наше званично писмо. Може бити двојезично, aли да ћирилица буде обавезна.

    January 19, 2017

    Ja iskreno mislim da je najbolje da na početku bar bude na latinici. Na taj način biće ljudima bliže i lakše da ga nauče jer svi pišu latiničnim pismom. Kasnije, kada se savladaju bar osnove i korisnik smatra da je dovoljno pohvatao može da se prebaci na ćirilicu. Kad se skonta koncept jezika, razlika u pismima se može relativno lako savladati

    January 20, 2017

    Свакако да би било лакше на латиници у почетку, али мало ми је неприродно да уче љ,њ,џ,ч,ћ,ђ,ж,ш латинично. Када се учи руски или неки други словенски језик који користи ћирилицу, то је једина опција. Овако, ако бар од самог почетка не буде бар на оба писма, за ћирилицом неће бити ни потребе. У Центру за српски језик као страни на Филолошком факултету, уче се ћирилица и латиница, од самог почетка. Мислим да је тако најбоље. Зна ли се у којој фази је теенутно покретање курса?

    January 25, 2017

    Inace i na ruskom u duolingu moze da se kuca latinicom fonetski i da se dobiju tacni odgovori

    January 25, 2017

    Уф, а ништа корисније није од руске латинице?

    January 26, 2017

    [deactivated user]

      Zdravo, verovatno si video da sam ja pre oko godinu dana pokusao preko foruma da sa par lekcija skupim malo zainteresovanih ljudi. U slucaju da ti treba bilo kakva pomoc il bilo sta da se uradi kako bi i srpski vise dobio svoj kurs samo reci, rado bi ppmogao. Mene mozes kontaktirati preko maila jer ovde retko ulazim.

      January 19, 2017

      Thank you, very very much!

      February 9, 2017

      Sta se desava sa ovim kursom? Ima li napretka?

      P.S. Sto se tice toga da, "mi mozda stavimo srpsko-hrvatski" itd, smatram da zaista nema smisla. Srpsko-hrvatski vise ne postoji. Hrvati ne bi stavili srpski ispred. Nema nikakve ljutnje, samo smatram da ne treba mi da izigravamo neko kvazi-ujedinjenje jezika. I naravno, cirilica da bude. Na kursu ruskog moze da se prebacuje sa cirilice na latinicu, tako da cak ni to ne bi bilo problem. Sta god da se uradi sa latinicom je ok, ali cirilica zaista treba da bude na kursu jer je jedinstvena. Pozdrav! :)

      February 26, 2017

      I am willing to contribute to "Serbian for English speakers" course.

      June 21, 2017

      I'd like to learn Serbian because my boyfriend's entire family is from Serbia and I would like to learn so my boyfriend doesn't have to translate for me and them.

      June 25, 2017

      I really want to learn Serbo-Croat or whatever term is preferred. Why is this being blocked for development by Duolingo? None of the best apps are including it.

      June 26, 2017

      In order to sidestep the political issues that tend to bog down projects related to this language, and to not make Bosnians feel ignored by calling the course Serbian-Croatian, why not call it Yugoslavian, or to make it more relevant to the present day, Balkan? It may not be the official term, but using it may spearhead the adoption of these terms and allow everyone to move forward from the squabbling over "whose" language it is.

      June 30, 2017

      I am quite interested in learning Serbian, but as someone who knows Russian well, I am wondering if there will be a Cyrillic version of the course if it is ever accepted in to the incubator.

      August 28, 2017

      Dont expect serbian on duolingo, here are some sites to learn serbian❤❤❤❤❤-rechnikrussko-serbskiy-i-serbo-russkiy-slovar.htmlсербско-русский-словарь/сербский-разговорник/

      August 28, 2017

      I would LOVE a Serbian course! Either alphabet. Just so long as it happens!

      September 14, 2017

      Ако већ радите овај пројекат, радите га на ћирилици.

      September 15, 2017

      Nego, jesi li ti naucio sve te jezike dobro? I je li je tesko da sve zapamtis?

      January 29, 2018

      Serbian would be cool

      September 16, 2017

      When is.going to be available serbian language? Thanks

      September 25, 2017

      I will probably write it in the comments if it ever gets available

      Napisacu dole u komentare ako budu ikada bili izbacili

      January 29, 2018


      September 30, 2017

      Шта је било на крају са овим? Видим да има доста људи, имало би нас који бисмо радо помогли. И волео бих да курс буде на ћирилици.

      October 16, 2017

      Slazem se. Nego, ima li neki nacin da mi svi zajedno to uradimo?

      January 29, 2018

      Guys.... Please. I am literally dying to have Serbian OR Croatian or both here. I know, and I think I understand the problems.... But.... Would it be such a big problem if there were two separate courses? I guess you can find enough Serbian and Croatian mothertongue-speakers. People who can keep the two "variants" separated.

      October 30, 2017

      Seriously. We have "high valyrian" and "klingon" for goodness sake. Serbian or Croatian would be amazing. And there have been TONS of people happy to work on building it.

      October 30, 2017

      You mean Serbian would be amazing. Although "high valyrian" and "klingon" are like, languages that most of the people don't even know about

      January 29, 2018

      Yes, I would definitely prefer Serbian personally. As a beginner, Croatian is too different. I hated the Serbo-Croatian language stuff. It wasn't Serbian enough for me to understand my family well. I'm sure if I was fluent, it would be easier.

      January 29, 2018

      Croatian is stolen Serbian language. Just put a "j" in middle of some words, and there you go.

      January 29, 2018

      Any updates on this?

      November 18, 2017

      Not really. Competitor Memrise has some Serbian stuff. Now I'm using that app instead of Duolingo a lot even though I like Duolingo better.

      January 29, 2018

      I would love to learn this language as my first husband was Serbian.

      November 19, 2017

      We MUST have at least one of the balkan languages. I'm hoping for Bosnian, But I think Serbian would be more likely. But either way, There really needs to be at least one of them. "Pweeze", Duo, Make it happen! :P

      November 26, 2017

      It's really great idea! I can't wait for it!

      January 7, 2018

      Please get this started

      February 5, 2018

      I'd like to contribute. I am no linguist but I am from Bosnia, and I lived in the US for a decade. My girlfriend would like to learn, and I know a few people who would like to, as well. Svakoga dana u svakom pogledu sve više napredujem.

      February 13, 2018

      I am very interested in learning Serbian. My Serbian friend is coming to visit this year and doesn't speak much English.

      February 13, 2018

      Honestly, this discussion has been going for 3 years, with apparently no interest from Duolingo, and there's a Klingon course in the incubator. That's just insulting, isn't it? Klingon is more important than Serbo-Croat? Come on, Duolingo.

      February 13, 2018

      I was thinking the same thing. It might be that not enough people are volunteering their time to create the Serbian curriculum for I'm willing to work on it.

      February 14, 2018

      Hello my friends. I found an app for learning Serbian until Duolingo makes Serbian course, if that will ever happen. The name of the app is Qlango. You just need to choose your mother language and choose to translate from your language to Serbian. It is made like a game and it has so many adds. It may not be the best one, but it is ok for begginers. I hope you will like it and that it will help you. Hopefully soon there will be Serbian available on Duolingo.

      April 6, 2018

      I would absolutely love a serbian course, I just cannot find anywhere else that offers a course online, would absolutely make my day

      April 12, 2018

      You have mango app for serbian, and if you have library card from somewhere in USA you can learn for free

      August 12, 2018

      And 3 years passed and nothing yet... :( I tako prođoše 3 godine I nikom ništa :(

      May 2, 2018

      Yes unfortunately! I was so looking forward to this. Still hopeful!

      May 2, 2018

      Still waiting for serbian on duolingo

      June 4, 2018

      I would love to learn Serbian/Croatian, as a part of my family is fluent. Very much interested in seeing Serbian/Croatian in Duolingo! :)

      June 7, 2018

      Too bad it would't be in Cyrillic letters. :(

      June 12, 2018

      I doubt they will add Serbian, ever

      June 23, 2018

      I love Serbian! I have a few friends who speak it, it is similar to Polish so I wouldn't struggle with it much, as I don't with Ukrainian.

      November 8, 2018

      I applied as well a few weeks ago. Still waiting.

      November 22, 2018

      I would love to see a Serbian course on DuoLingo, using either script, though both scripts simultaneously would be better, if possible.

      January 10, 2019

      Yes please! Every other app just teaches you bulk phrases. Not the breakdown and conjugation s like Duolingo!

      April 17, 2019

      Count me in!

      April 20, 2019

      That would be really amazing

      April 20, 2019

      I would also like to learn Serbian.

      April 21, 2019

      Remember you need to have lots of upvotes on the request before they will consider adding it. About 800-1000 upvotes will go a long way to convincing the admins.

      June 30, 2018

      I would like a Serbian course to be available. I am Hungarian in Vojvodina and I would really like to develop my Serbian knowledge. Duolingo would be a perfect tool for that.

      Super bi bio jedan kurs srpskog jezika. Ja sam vojvođanski mađar, i želeo bih da razvijem moje znanje. Duolingo bi bio odličan alat za to. Pozdrav :)

      July 6, 2018

      4 years ago post are old! No way that doulingo have plan to add serbian or croatian languade no way!

      February 16, 2019

      Totalno si u pravu... Šanse nema, nažalost...

      February 17, 2019

      Dear Duolingo, make this possible!

      May 11, 2019

      One of my best friends family is from Serbia, that is actually where her dad was born. She still has several family members that live there and would really like to communicate with them on another level. She is always complaining about how Duolingo does not have a Serbian course. If this were a course option it would make it easier so she can communicate better with her family. :)

      June 23, 2019

      Also interested in learning Serbian! Is there still hope?

      June 24, 2019

      I speak just a little bit of Serbian and would really love to see this language presented on Duolingo :)

      July 12, 2019

      Има ли шта од овога или се и даље узалуд надамо?

      July 15, 2019

      Any news?

      August 12, 2019
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