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Serbian language course

I'd like to start a Serbian language course in the Language incubator, but first I want to ask... Is anyone interested to learn Serbian language?

News: I just applied for Serbian (Latin). I'm waiting for an answer. If we start with the project, I expect that you will join me. Upravo sam aplicirao za Srpski (Latinica). Čekam odgovor. Ukoliko krenemo sa projektom, očekujem da ćete mi se pridružiti.

July 17, 2014



Yes, I'd love to learn Serbian!Please add Cyrrilic alphabet too!!


I have been looking for a free resource for the SBC language family for a long time. So far, no one has shown interest, so this post excites me.


Po mom skromnom mišljenju najbolje bi bilo da kurs krene sa latinicom, a kasnije da se polako prebacuje na ćirilicu. Jednostavno cilj bi trebao da nam bude da privučemo što više ljudi da nauče ''naš'' jezik.Tako da bi možda BCS varijanta bila možda i najbolja. Pozdrav. I think that the best way to go with this course is to start with Latin alphabet and then slowly switch to Cyrillic alphabet. We want to attract as many people as possible to learn our language so maybe some kind of BCS language would be the best way to go. Best regards, sorry for my bad English.


Hey, your English is better than my Serbian! :) Govorim slabo...


I think it would be great if the course could start out with an introduction to both alphabets and then use them simultaneously throughout the rest of the course. Most dedicated learners can pick up a Cyrillic alphabet in a day, and the sooner it's introduced, the more they can practice while learning the language, thus increasing their Cyrillic reading speed while still learning the basics. I don't know if DuoLingo can do simultaneous scripts, but I do know that the Japanese course mixes three of four writing systems (including rōmaji) right from the start.


Sounds like a good idea. I'd be willing to help out with creating content, but I can't promise anything since I don't know how busy I'll be with school. If we get the ball rolling, hopefully more people will join in and help out.


Ja sam se prijavio sinoć tj. doprineo sam tome i dobio sam odgovor. :) Siguran sam da će biti ovaj kurs, ali samo treba vremena i budemo strpljivi. ;) Ја сам се пријавио синоћ тј. допринео сам томе и добио сам одговор. :) Сигуран сам да ће бити овај курс, али само треба времена и будемо стрпљиви. ;) I applied last night ie. I contributed to it and I got the answer. :) I'm sure it will be this course, but just needs time and we be patient. ;)


I want to help! I am bilingual Serbian-English. My husband who is American is desperately trying to learn Serbian so he asked me to become a contributor if it ever becomes an option. Really it could be Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian etc. Pozdrav!


You are so fortunate being bilingual. I'm in Scotland and my late father was a Serb, but he was told by well-meaning friends that speaking Serbian would harm my ability to speak English…

I have managed to learn some Serbian out of books. My husband is very keen to learn Serbian so he can communicate when we visit relatives.

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