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  5. "He is a professional actor."

"He is a professional actor."

Translation:Hij is een professionele acteur.

July 17, 2014



When did we learn the word "toneelspeler"?


no and "dagblad" was not in the course either for newspaper


Do I have to use "een" here? I didn't use it and it was marked wrong. I kept putting "een" with other job related sentences on here and it gave me another translation without the "een". It's because I kept forgetting that you often don't use an article if you are talking about someone's proffession. But in this case there is an adjective involved so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it...


I have the same question that AlessaTrip asked. I left out "een" and was marked wrong. But in previous lessons we were told that in Dutch, the article is omitted when saying what a person's profession is. Why is that incorrect in this case?


Same. Maybe someone will answer soon.


Zonder "een" moet je "Hij is professioneel acteur" zeggen, niet "professionele"


Why was "een professioneel acteur" accepted? It completely slipped my mind that this was a "de" word, so I forgot the "e" ending for the adjective, but it wasn't marked wrong.

Are there situations where this is acceptable, or was Duo just being kind? :)


It is correct, but probably confusing to remember as such, because it is not a standard situation. Leaving off the -e is used only when we describe the professional aspect of someone which does not necessarily reflect on the person. Thus, "Churchill was een groot politicus" means he was important as a politician, not that he was tall. See https://onzetaal.nl/taaladvies/advies/een-groot-grote-man

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