I have been working my way through the Stories and had reached series 5.

Today I logged on and my level was shown as level 9 Stories - way beyond my skills at the mo'. Anybody know if it is possible to 'reset' this level, please?


April 4, 2020


[deactivated user]

    You can't reset, but you can just go back to where you are comfortable and continue from there - you can do the stories as often as you like.

    Make sure no-one else has logged into your account and / or used it themselves - do you leave it logged in on a shared device? Avoid that!

    Thanks, Janet, I do go back to a more comfortable place, but I thought it worth checking in case, as you say, someone elses account had tangled with mine.

    They just raise the levels real fast. I dont think they're correlated to your skill level. You can do them at your own pace. I'm just working on the last few stories, but I could have accessed them months ago.

    Just wait until you skill catches up. Or re-do the old stories.

    They do get boring after a few repetitions. I like to listen to them without looking at the words. I think this helps with oral comprehension.

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