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"Paul and Marc are brothers, and they get along well."

Translation:Paul et Marc sont frères et ils s'entendent bien.

April 4, 2020



Usually French seems to have an article before each noun. Why isn't this "sont des frères"?


"Sont frères, sont sœurs, sont ami(e)s, sont copains, sont copines" all work without an article and thereby work as adjectives.


Thank you. But I don't understand how these words can also be adjectives. Could you please explain further?


Though I'm not an expert in french I doubt they are meant to be adjectives. It's like with jobs, you don't say: "Je suis un journalist", you say "Je suis journalist". Why exactly you leave the articles out I can't explain though, sorry...


"Nous sommes frères/sœurs" is the way to say it. One of the reasons is that "nous sommes des frères/des sœurs" can refer to monks/nuns.


Thank you for your elucidation, Sitesurf. You always have useful, helpful contributions and I'm sure we all appreciate your input.

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